There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Profit For Big Pharma

No matter how much death and injury Big Pharma causes, there is never even money for them and the propagandists they fund.

Can You Get ‘Too Many’ COVID-19 Boosters?

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5 Responses to There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Profit For Big Pharma

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Eli the Pit Bull is a highly regarded therapy dog, but when the director of West Tennessee Therapy dogs called and wanted me to confirm if I’ve had my booster shot, I immediately retired Eli from the program and told her no thanks.
    Eli will still serve as service dog for the hearing impaired, and as search and rescue dog should “climate change” send a devastating tornado into my area.

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:
  3. GWS says:

    Once they find a winning product any fast food place will add spin-offs. Any business, Expect it but pay attention.

  4. Gummans Gubbe says:

    Sickening news from the UK now. Doctors prescribed sodium valproate to pregnant women. It is an epilepsy drug known to cause birth defects.

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