Tornado Outbreak of April 25, 1893


Latest From the Tornado-Swept Parts of Oklahoma Territory.
Over One Hundred Farms Totally Destroyed and the Bodies of Victims Found Miles Away.


Five Persons In One Family Were Killed and Thirteen Dead Bodies Were Gathered In One House—Days .Before the Worst Can be Known.

Guthrie, O. T., April 27.–Late reports from the tornado-swept portions of the territory make it certain that the number of killed exceeds seventy-five, while over 200 persons were injured, many fatally. At Norman, in the southern part of Oklahoma, thirty-four bodies have been coffined and prepared for burial. Nearly a dozen people are still missing and it is I expected that fire or six of the badly injured will die. In the vicinity of Norman, which was the center of the worst storm, as far as the eye can reach are scattered wrecked buildings, furniture; implements and bodies of animals. A hundred and fifty farms are swept clean of buildings, fences, orchards and crops, and the people who were not killed are left in poverty. In almost every case where the people were caught in their houses they were stricken in death or badly injured.”

– APRIL 28. 1893

28 Apr 1893, 1 – Chattanooga Daily Times at

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