Wind Farms Reduce Raptor Populations By 75 %

“Green energy” destroying the environment.

“In the biodiversity hotspot of the Western Ghats in India, we find that wind farms reduce the abundance and activity of predatory birds  … By adding an effective trophic level to the top of food webs, we find that wind farms have emerging impacts that are greatly underestimated.”

“We found that both the abundance of predatory birds ….  and the frequency of predation attempts (dive attacks) by raptors on ground-dwelling prey … were almost four times lower in sites with wind turbines than those without.”

Wind farms have cascading impacts on ecosystems across trophic levels | Nature Ecology & Evolution

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2 Responses to Wind Farms Reduce Raptor Populations By 75 %

  1. dm says:

    Birds’ Lives Matter!!! Bats’ Lives Matter!!!

    How do watermelons plan to control vermin–rabbits, mice, rats … –feeding on crops below wind turbines?

  2. Richard says:

    From Iron age to Oil age to Stupid AGE

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