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“Animals around the world have been feeling the negative effects of climate change”

Who may like climate change? Rattlesnakes, study suggests

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15 Responses to Evidence Free Journalism

  1. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Is this the Babylon Bee?

    • arn says:

      No ,but the Babylon Bee is the one animal that is benefiting the most from fake news and the AGW scam.
      While the onion and mad magazine were struggling when the world became crazier than their content the bee started to flourish.

  2. GWS says:

    Saint Hayley is another woke little girl condescending to bless the children of the world with the facts of life in the new scary future of escaping carbon dioxide.

  3. arn says:

    How funny that the only Animals benefiting from AGW are leathel ones with a bad reputation.

    But considering that the planet got greener by more than 5% since the scam started I ‘d expect herbivores and omnivores to benefit the most from “global warming” as result of more food (remember the massive population increase in Europe during the Medival Warm Period)
    and that carnivores like Rattlesnakes in return would benefit far more from more available prey than from shorter hibernation periods with less prey.

  4. Jeff L. says:

    Stories like this are fabricated in order to get you beyond accepting the initial premise by just blowing right past it and then making some other absurd claim as a consequence of the initial false premise. Classic propaganda.

    • Gamecock says:


      Petitio principii, a fallacy in reasoning resulting from the assumption of that which in the beginning was set forth to be proved; begging the question.

  5. Joao Martins says:

    I know some rattlesnakes that are already benefiting from Climate ChangeTM

  6. mal says:

    If rattlesnake benefit what they eat has to also. No food, no rattlesnake. Somehow the educated morons missed that link.

  7. dick merrill says:

    This is off the subject but I don’t where to post it. The is a site that has graphing software for time series. Hs anyone used this and is Tony’s PYthon sw better?

  8. Colorado Wellington says:

    “Even if rattlesnakes do benefit from warmer temperatures, they still have some negative effects from it; there’s projected to be less prey like squirrel and lizards …”

    I reckon this doctoral student scholar claims that cold-blooded rattlesnakes will benefit but cold-blooded lizards will not. That tells me everything I need to know about her.

  9. spren says:

    But did you know that if you cook a rattlesnake in the fire, it tastes just like chicken.

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