The Creed Of Slaves

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

― William Pitt the Younger


there’s no choice, we have to bring down nitrogen emissions,”
– Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutt

“The Dutch government plans to cut greenhouse gas nitrogen by as much as 70 percent in 131 key areas — many of them close to nature reserves — to reach climate goals by 2030.”

Dutch farmers protest livestock cuts to curb nitrogen

Nitrogen is not a greenhouse gas – he is probably referring to N2O. The concentration of N2O in the atmosphere is so small, that if everyone in Kansas represented one molecule of the atmosphere, odds are none of them would be N2O.

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

Doubling N2O will happen in about 300 years, and will only increase downwelling longwave radiation by 0.1%. The contribution from the Netherlands is irrelevant and probably not measurable.

Bill Gates: Rich nations should shift entirely to synthetic beef | MIT Technology Review

Bezos, Gates back fungus fake meat as next big alt-protein

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8 Responses to The Creed Of Slaves

  1. Charlatans have long since known that national leaders are idiots. Kepler only got funding by claiming he could make better horoscopes. The court astrologer, tribal medicine man or other wielder of hocus pocus has always had the ear of the powerful, in preference to those who know what they are talking about (who, if they spoke up, would run the gauntlet of denunciation as a witch). Perhaps crooks feel more comfortable in the presence of other crooks. So having demonized ‘carbon’ in order to destroy the energy supply, we move on to ‘nitrogen’ to destroy the food supply. Presumably ‘oxygen’ is the next on the list, so that we will all be sealed into airtight habitations with Bill Gates supplying us with oxygen cylinders at vast profit.

    • GWS says:

      It is a once in a lifetime blessing when a good man decides to enter politics, for a ten fold increase in leftist opposition will rise up to oppose him intent on shutting him down.

  2. James Henry says:

    Will the Dutch people finally pushback on this nonsense? I’m not prepared to bet any money that they will. Hope I’m wrong.

    Idiots like Justanidiot Truedope will be watching closely and no pushback will be taken as a sign of willing compliance. Canada or the UK will be next.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I’m going to take these Dutch government officials word on face value. We’ve discovered the major green house gas, and it’s N2. It makes up 80% of the atmosphere and clearly dominates all other greenhouse gases. Everything else is miniscule. So any minor changes in the other gases does NOTHING to affect the environment. Hence we should just get on with life. Carbon the other gas which they apparently misidentified, is not a gas anyway; it is a particulate that occurs for short periods during fires.
    I also suggest that the Dutch farmers go nuts. Cut off the food supply to the big cities and promise they will have shortages until they do two things: Get rid of the current government and Dutchex. When the cities comply then send in the food again.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    The plan to take over the world by 2030 marches on. All the insanity reminds me of Pinky and The Brain.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    Gates knows it has nothing to do with Climate Change™. Gates and the globalists want meat eradicated for us plebeians, because they want us sick and scared – with inflammation issues, taking their drugs and getting sicker. That’s how to control the populace.

    I went on the KETO[sis] diet – eating fats and meat, with vegetables (but zero wheat gluten, zero sugar, zero alcohol). Result: the weight is falling off, eczema is going away, joint pain is gone, my mind is sharper and I feel 20 years younger.

    Of course the elite don’t want you eating meat. They want you sickly – obediently following their inflammation-creating “Food Pyramid.”

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