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Mann Threatens US Senator

The world’s #1 climate fraudster is threatening Arizona Senator Sinema unless she gives him and his fellow fraudsters tens of billions of taxpayer dollars. 10:17 AM · Jul 31, 2022 “Around 80 percent of likely Democratic primary voters in Arizona … Continue reading

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The Government Knew

In 1941 the US government explained why increasing levels of CO2 would not have a significant impact on the climate. “IT WILL be news to many people that man, during his geo- logically brief existence on earth, has never known … Continue reading

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Snake Oil Salesman In Chief

“You are not going to get COVID if you have had these vaccinations” – Joe Biden July 21, 2021 On Wednesday Joe Biden said he was done with COVID and had mild symptoms because of his four injections, and told … Continue reading

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BBC Is Upset

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Appalachian Flooding

“FRIGHTFUL TORNADOES IN AMERICA. (From the Nashville Union, May 8, 1868) ABOUT 9 o clock on Wednesday afternoon the heaviest storm of the season swept over Tennessee, varying in strength and fury in different localities At ChatBarooga, and in the … Continue reading

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Journalism Runs Dry (Part 2)

Lacking any adult supervision, the press is getting very sloppy with their fake news.

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Fake News Designed To Create Discord

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NOAA Turning Cooling Into Warming In Texas

I captured this NOAA Texas temperature graph in 2011. Aggie Joke : Dessler Forecasts Texas Weather For The Next 90 Years | Real Science NOAA has since tampered with the Texas temperature data to turn a slight cooling trend … Continue reading

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Fake News Designed to Create Hatred And Division

CNN and most of the rest of the press is reporting that the Kenly, North Carolina police department has quit because a black woman was hired. They didn’t mention that the previous town manager was also black. Kenly town manager … Continue reading

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New York Democrats – 1913 Version

“NEW YORK DEMOCRATS TO USE BALLOTS THAT ARE EIGHTEEN FERT LONG New York, July 30.—The fourteen- foot ballot which came in for so much ridicule during the election primaries last fall has been outdone by one eighteen feet long which … Continue reading

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