Arctic Still Refuses To Melt As Ordered

On August 15, 2008 I wrote my first article about climate junk science.

Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered • The Register

It was in response to a barrage of nonsensical predictions.

Expert: Arctic polar cap may disappear this summer_English_Xinhua

North Pole May Be Ice-Free for First Time This Summer

BBC NEWS | UK | Swimmer aims to kayak to N Pole

“there will be no sea ice left in the summer in the Arctic Ocean somewhere between 2010 and 2015. “And it’s probably going to happen even faster than that,” said Fortier, who leads an international team of researchers in the Arctic”

‘Frightening’ projection for Arctic melt

The Daily Reporter – Google News Archive Search

Star-News – Google News Archive Search

Arctic Sea Ice Gone in Summer Within Five Years?

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’

Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014

Wayback Machine

2100 | – See. Act. Inspire!

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

Arctic sea ice extent is highest for the date in 13 years and higher than fifteen years ago.

osisaf_nh_sie_daily-2years.png (1274×943)

The surface mass balance of Greenland has been above average for four of the last six years.

Surface Conditions: Polar Portal

The North Pole had a short cold summer.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

There is still ice up to the coast of Alaska and Siberia with nothing but cold in the forecast.

FullSize_CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20220814.png (1400×1213)

10-Day Temperature Outlook

In 1971 the ice retreated far off both coasts. Ocean_side 1

This week in 1958, a submarine surfaced at the North Pole, and the New York Times wrote:

“Some scientists estimate that the polar ice pack is 40 per cent thinner and 12 per cent less in area than it was a half-century ago, and that even within the lifetime of our children the Arctic Ocean may open, enabling ships to sail over the North Pole, as the submarines ‘Nautilus and Skate recently sailed under it. A ship bound from New York to Tokyo would save 2,500 miles by turning left outside the Nar- rows and sailing past Greenland in- stead of through the Panama Canal.”

The Changing Face of the Arctic; The Changing Face of the Arctic – The New York Times

Other than a few tankers escorted by ice breakers along the Siberian coast, there isn’t any shipping in the Arctic today.

MarineTraffic: Global Ship Tracking Intelligence | AIS Marine Traffic

Last year many of those ships got stuck in the ice, and the press blamed it on climate change.

Climate change: Ships stuck in Arctic ice as region freezes over in bizarre reversal | Science | News |

The scamsters never stop.

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11 Responses to Arctic Still Refuses To Melt As Ordered

  1. Richard says:

    AND 5G was going to melt your brain – Social Media and US left Media are the cause of lower IQ’s and end of free thought

  2. Caleb Shaw says:

    You were onto the scam before most, that’s for sure. I was alerted early on because I had studied Vikings, and was shocked when I learned Mann was attempting to say it wasn’t warmer in Greenland in the Medieval Warm Period. That was around 2005. (I might have been earlier but was something of a Neanderthal and didn’t get my first computer until then.)

    There was a drop in sea-ice between around 1998 and 2012, I think due to the AMO and PDO both being warm, and Alarmists took that drop and extended the “trend line”. As long as the drop continued, they could continue the scam, but since 2012 the extent has stabilized, and is showing some signs of an upturn. I noticed the NOAA SST anomaly shows colder than normal water in Bering Strait, and I haven’t seen that in a while. Likely it explains the increase in sea-ice in the East Siberian Sea, west of Wrangle Island.

    I actually like to lurk and listen to the Alarmists over at Nevin’s site, and it has been humorous to hear them this year, as they moved from “this is the year it all melts” in March and April to “what the heck?” now. A few are even daring to become ever so slightly skeptical, though of course they are very careful to watch their words.

    Here is my latest sea-ice post.

    Thanks for persisting all these years. I think the scamsters are running out of rope, and things will climax soon. It’s been a long haul, but Truth is worth it.

  3. dm says:

    Tony, write a book documenting that climate alarmism flunks a key requirement of science. The requirement’s essence is: Hypotheses and theorems must yield results that approximate observations. Climate alarmism, of course, does NOT.

    Suggested chapters include:
    The ice-free North Pole
    Polar bears & penguins threatened with extinction
    Sea level rise
    Drowned low lands
    Great Barrier Reef dies
    More frequent & powerful hurricanes & cyclones
    More frequent & severe famines
    Warming devastates civilization (for clarities sake: Over the past several thousand years, civilization has repeatedly flourished during warming phases. Cooling phases coincide with misery.)

    Get weaving on this tome, Tony. Only 10 years remain before the tipping point.

  4. Adam Norwood says:

    Tony, when you record your ‘youtube’ videos, you might try adjusting your mouse size to maximum. That was it’s easier for the viewers to see what you are pointing at in coordination with your readout.

  5. Brad-DXT says:

    According to the USS Skate captain’s book he state’s that he didn’t want to risk his ship and crew punching through the north pole ice in 1958. He did breach the ice several times before reaching the north pole coordinates but thought the conditions at that time did not warrant the risk. On 17 March 1959 he did breach the ice at the north pole.

    The New York Times is not a reliable source of information then and now.

    Although their story is not completely accurate, it does show the Artic ice was pretty thin during that warm period.
    I wonder if subs still can breach the ice at the north pole today with modern and hopefully more robust construction.

  6. Bryce Pettit says:

    One thing that would help those of us who are trained in these scientific disciplines would be an explanation for why the sources that refute the climate change narrative should be trusted. I have no idea who is behind the charts and graphs used to expose the lies of the climate alarmists, much less how to defend them from attacks. That would be very useful!

  7. oeman 50 says:

    I remember that putz trying to kayak to the north pole. I guess he was a true believer, just like the Ship of Fools on the Antarctic.

  8. spren says:

    Did that Norwegian kayaker trying to paddle to the North Pole win his Darwin Award?

    Also, interesting how all the BSM (bull s**t media) use almost the identical wording in their propagandist messaging.

  9. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It appears that Greenland accumulated roughly 400 Giga tons of snow each year from 1981 to 2010. If we can calculate how many feet deep, West Virginia or the US would be in if all the snow had accumulated there. We might also be able to see how much the sea level dropped due to ice accumulation in Greenland. If we assume that the 400 Gigaton average extends back to 1944 then we can use the depth that the military plane was embedded in the ice to be indicative of some ice/snow ratio. Applying the ratio of ice/snow, then converting cubic feet of ice into water, we can say how much the oceans’water level has decreased due to the water trapped in Greenland since 1981 or whatever year you want to start at.
    Just some interesting facts that NPR might want to announce to the public.

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