August 2, 1930


Tokyo (\P)—Fifteen persons were killed outright and many more believed drowned by heavy floods that inundated parts of central) Japan Saturday.

It was estimated that over a thousand houses were entirely of partly submerged by the sudden overflow of waters. Communication lines from the stricken district were destroyed. ‘The flood was caused by continued heavy rains in the past few days”

02 Aug 1930, Page 9 – The Capital Journal at


*Floods in London Fill Basements Causing g Damage

Rainstorm Drives . 1,000 People From Homes — Five Feet Water.

LONDON.—A thousand people were flooded out of their basement homes in Notting Dale W, during the ‘violent ) thunderstorms which swept over London recently.

In all more than 220 houses were affected in Bangor street. Crescent Street, Sirdar street, and Hunt street. They were flooded to a depth in some cases of five feet.”

02 Aug 1930, Page 5 – The Ottawa Journal at

Five states were over 110F, twenty-five were over 100F and forty states were over 90F.

KS 111, NE 110, OK 110, SD 110, TX 110

AR 108, MO 105, AZ 104, IN 104, IA 104, LA 104, MS 104, CA 103, IL 103, MN 103, AL 102, CO 102, ND 102, OH 102, VA 102, KY 101, MI 100, MT 100, NM 100, TN 100

PA 98, WV 98, WI 98, SC 97, WY 97, FL 96, GA 96, MD 96, NV 96, NY 96, ID 95, UT 94, NJ 92, NC 92, OR 92

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2 Responses to August 2, 1930

  1. Dors says:

    Real nutrition science?

    If such, its truth can save tens of millions of lives.


  2. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Those who ignore History will repeat that History, good & bad, again…and again and again.
    Some never learn.

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