Blinken “Concerned”

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3 Responses to Blinken “Concerned”

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    I guess the forgot to check the forecast….

  2. arn says:

    Why was he never concerned about the amazing Clinton bodycount or the illegal detention of January 6th protesters,the destruction of democracy in Canada by Turdeau or the fact that Ukrainians are shelling the nuclear power plant in Zaporzhizhya and that Zelensky has taken out all opposing parties and TV channels or why the US Media ‘forgot’ to mention that Blinken was told by a south African minister that African countries are bullied and patronized by the west – before Blinken even got a chance to bully south Africa into sanctioning Russia
    or the massive nepotism inside the democrat party where the secretary of state and his wife always get high ranked positions under Obama and Biden?

    But a single guy in Congo is really important – Maybe because it is a woke CiA- NED

    ” The illegal we do immediately,the unconstitutional takes a little longer”

    Henry Kissinger

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