Election Interference

The FBI and US intelligence agencies actively interfered with the 2020 election, by calling factual information about the Biden family “Russian disinformation”

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6 Responses to Election Interference

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Bla, bla, I’m going to say a bunch of nonsensical backspin and act like we aren’t part of the problem, but we really are.

  2. Ivan Wainwright says:

    In my opinion, Joe Biden would have won despite whatever was known about the laptop. If you were switched on to information immediately after the election, information which has since been well-smothered by the left-wing media, the Dominion voting machines would have ensured Joe’s win. It was just a matter of twiddling a couple of knobs to ensure Joe’s vote exceeded Trump’s regardless of what the polls showed.

    • arn says:

      If Trump would have gotten 90 mio votes Biden would have won with 91 mio.

      The outcome of the election was decided long before the election started,
      the same way every year becomes the hottest year ever.

      • Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

        Hopefully eyes will be watching come November but I won’t hold my breath.
        Thomas Jefferson was right I’m afraid, but I won’t hold my breath because congress has become one big uni-party, only talking tough to pander for votes.
        A perfect example of uni-party corruption is what’s going on in Ukraine. Nearly $70 billion to date and more slated for next week. That on top of what Boris Johnson has sent. Ukraine is the money laundering capitol of the world, apparently

  3. GWS says:

    79% is suspicious since half the country is dimocrat and they couldn’t give a rip what Hinter did — Killed some hooker? Who cares. Trump is worse.

  4. Yammobethere says:

    Lindsey Graham does not believe what he is saying in the back of that vehicle. Listen to his voice tremble whilst describing the Godliness of Hunter’s father. It’s pretty obvious to me.

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