Fakest Summer On Record

Accuweather used to be a good website – but they have gone over to the dark side.

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  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    You touched on hurricanes, and it’s now mid August in what was expected to be an above average hurricane year in the Atlantic basin. Let’s look at what’s going on as we are rapidly approaching the peak of the season
    It could ramp up, but not seeing any activity this time of year and none in the near future….even Joe Bastardi is a little stumped.
    Trying to forecast the weather a month out or more is pointless, and everyone should know that, but instead they fall for the senseless climate forecast.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    When you look at those temperatures over time, it looks like a sinusoidal curve imposed on a line with a negative slope. If the pattern holds, it looks like we will be having lower temperatures over the next several years, possibly further eroding the Global Warming narrative. It’s hard to hide a snow storm with a lie.

    • spren says:

      But Conrad, you must remember that any cold periods we encounter during the winter are only weather and not the result of climate change. Climate change only occurs when we have hot weather in the summer. You should know better by now/.

    • The hoaxers will blame the cold weather on CO2, and continue destroying the energy industry. New junk science will emerge to give a theoretical basis for this, just as the utter nonsense of the greenhouse effect is used to give warming some theoretical plausibility. The 97% consensus will remain in place, of course. The motivation is the global distribution of wealth by destroying the wealth creating nations so that all of mankind is reduced to Third World poverty. However, the net distribution of what is left will continue to be from the poor to the rich.

  3. BT says:

    I appreciate you Tony, you’re doing great work and have been for a long time. Keep it up!

  4. Dear Tony Heller, Thanks for all you do. I have been fighting this stupid AGW hoax for twenty years at the Jr. College where I teach part time. Mainly I just send people copies of your temperature and heat wave graphs and (and CO2 histories of our planet, etc) as the best evidence available. Your site is an island of sanity in a world that has lost its mind.
    I wanted to send you an article that I thought you might find amusing and perhaps interesting, but see no way to send it as a file here. So, here is the title: High variability of Greenland surface temperature over the past 4000 years estimated from trapped air in an ice core,” by Kobashi, et al. in Geophysical Research letters, 2011. In their first paragraph, they estimate that ave temp in past 4000 yrs on Greenland has been about -30.7 C with a long term DECREASE of about 1.5 C. The current decadal temp now is -29.9 degrees C. Earlier parts of the past 4,000 yrs were warmer, including century long intervals (including the last century) that were 1 C warmer than present (2010) decade. They conclude that the current decadal mean temp in Greenland has not exceeded the envelope of natural variability in this time period. Of course they throw in the sop that MODELS of gas emissions predict predict higher temps. The rest of page 1 and page 2 provide more ammunition against the AGW. view.. Second column here mentions that “Greenland underwent a 33% larger warming in 1919-1932 than the warming in 1994-2007”! Take that and throw that in the face of those who have been changing the historical temp records to eliminate the dust bowl days, etc. // On page 2, contrary to Mann’s claim that these changes (like the MWP) were only regional, they point out the similarities between Greenland patterns and those in Europe and NH. Even mentions that another study claims that elevation lowered at one point, but temps still got even lower at that time, despite the lower alt. They also mention that the Atlantic Oscillations can explain variations in
    Greenland temps and global ave temps. /// Second column on p. 2 also mentions that some temp fluctuations show patters that coincide with the Suess and Gleissberg solar cycles.
    Another thing I wanted to send you in a packet is a “Letter to Liberals” by Robert Kennedy Jr that can be downloaded free from his Children’s defense fund at https://childrenshealthdefense.org/authors/robert-f-kennedy-jr/ Of course RFK is a bit of an ant–trumper who shares the insanity of believing in Global warming. So why do I think you might find his book interesting? Well, his Book called The Real Anthony Fauci is incredibly well documented, showing how Fauci and the govt LIED to us about Ivermectin and other effective treatments for Covid, lied about the origins of Covid-19, the usefulness and safety of the Mrna vaccines, etc., and so I think he is well primed to see that AGW is just another LIE the govt is telling us.
    Anyhow, if you have not read his book on Fauci, his free A Letter to Liberals is a more updated and free version of that book, which has met with the same kind of villification and censorship you have met. Both of you are not just fighting for truth over lies, and not just fighting for science against cult madness. The Lies that are being spread are causing incredible harm. A microbiologist I know said that if Kennedy is only right about half the stuff he says, then he and big pharma are guilty of mass murder. Between the lockdowns and the damage done by vaccines, mishandling of the covid is taking a terrible toll on health, wealth, and freedoms of the planet. As you know, AGW similarly has led to war, economic loss, and even death. People will be dying soon from poverty, starvation, and just plain freezing to death as a result of using corn to make ethonol, and making fuel so expensive. With the current idiots in charge, we could end in nuclear war with Russia and China. So, you might find allies in places you did not expect. Well this is too long. Hope I do not sound insane to you. Thanks for the work you do. WJH

  5. Dirk says:


    Hi Tony please comment on this one

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