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In 1988, the United Nations said the Maldives would drown by the year 2018. I have been unable to confirm this via webcams.

【LIVE】 Webcam Kuredu Island Resort | SkylineWebcams

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

The British Commonwealth said the only to prevent this from happening was global communism.

“GOVERNMENTS must yield national sovereignty to multilateral authorities able to enforce laws “across environmentally invisible frontiers” if the greenhouse effect, which threatens the future of whole nations, is to be overcome, the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Sir Shridath Ramphal, said on Tuesday.

A Commonwealth Expert Group set up to look at climate change estimated there was a 90 per cent certainty that the planet would become warmer by at least 1-2 degrees, perhaps much more, and that sea levels would rise by between one and four metres, by the year 2030″

26 Jan 1989 – Call for anti-greenhouse action – Trove

And the United Nations said we only had until the year 2000 to prevent this from happening.

Mercury News: Search Results

The Maldives have been growing for at least sixty years.

“New research says hundreds of islands in the Pacific are growing in land size, even as climate change-related sea level rises threaten the region. Key points: Coral reef sediment was responsible for the increase in land size Waves sweep up the sediment and deposit it on islands However some islands are becoming smaller due to coastal erosion Scientists at the University of Auckland found atolls in the Pacific nations of Marshall Islands and Kiribati, as well as the Maldives archipelago in the Indian Ocean, have grown up to 8 per cent in size over the past six decades despite sea level rise.”

Hundreds of Pacific Islands are getting bigger despite global warming – ABC News

Life wasn’t always this good in the Maldives. In 1837 the islands actually were disappearing.

“The natives observe the atolls to be wasting away; in some the cocoanut trees are standing in the water ; in another the black soil of the island is discernible at low water thirty feet from the beach ; the south-east side of an island in Phaidee Pholo Atoll is entirely gone, but is marked by a banyan tree in the water. They say that some islands have disappeared entirely”


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5 Responses to Latest From The Flooded Maldives

  1. william says:

    “In 1988, the United Nations said the Maldives would drown by the year 2018”

    All caused by coral mining-

  2. Rockwood says:

    LOL, they are supposed to be submerged according to Experts, LOL. Power everything with diesel generators and domestic water supply using energy intensive Desalination. So sustainable and we have to pay to save them? Yup, nice carbon footprint there to save…. ah the Experts

  3. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Well if they can’t drown them they will have to kill them by some other means.

    • Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

      This should be front page news. We tried to warn them what was going to happen, based on sound logic and research from SARS 1 nearly 20 years ago

    • Disillusioned says:

      The video in that link is a clever edit. What Bourla actually said:

      Now, in the interview, Bourla admitted wanting to provide “vaccinations” to poor countries for free. He also said they (Pfizer) have targeted a (“selected”) five countries out of 45 countries (Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda, Ghana, Senegal). They signed letters of intent for providing them “medicines” for free, and also people on the ground to identify and make sure there are no “blockages” in providing / administering the medicines, e.g. breast cancer medicines.

      I don’t trust them at all, and I do not believe they care about making people better. I think they are part of an evil Cabal. Nevertheless, that Titter clip of the interview is deceptive.

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