Red Hot – And Below Normal Temperature

Misleading colors are the new normal.

10-Day Temperature Outlook

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2 Responses to Red Hot – And Below Normal Temperature

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I can’t even read the top map. Maybe they could improve their communication by making the long term average temperature, white; slightly hotter than that, pink; slightly cooler than that, light blue, and intensify the red and blue as it deviates further from the normal.
    Oh, like the bottom map!

  2. Bill says:

    Tony, I’m glad to see you’re all over this story. I started to notice it this summer, as the local news forecasters started pushing “warming” harder and harder. For some broadcasts on humid days, they insisted on using “how it feels” temperatures to hike the numbers up to incredible heights.

    Then there are the colors. At some point, I wondered “Is there a red that is deeper than red?” because that’s what they’d need if it actually started to get hot. The highest thermometer temperatures were still seventeen degrees lower than the highest temperature recorded in my state in 1936.

    They’ve done the same thing with rainfall. Last year we had HORRIFYING rainstorms and floods!! This year we’ve had HORRIFYING drought!! Run for your lives!!

    The average summer rainfall for my town is about 8.5 inches. If you took last summer’s high rainfall (12 inches) and added this summer’s low rainfall (5 inches), you’d get a total of 17 inches. Divide by two for the average and you’d get… 8.5 inches. But it’s all presented as HORRIFYING and caused by, you guessed it, climate change.

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