“Rio Grande Runs Dry”

With the Rio Grande running at record high levels, the press says the Rio Grande is running dry.

The Rio Grande and Rhine Rivers Are Both Running Dry – CNET

USGS | National Water Dashboard

The Rhine has run dry on numerous occasions throughout history.

Gaillard’s Medical Journal – Google Books

18 Jul 1852, 7 – The Observer at Newspapers.com

The Day – Google News Archive Search

17 Jul 1852, 7 – The Hampshire Advertiser at Newspapers.com

21 Aug 1901, Page 3 – Shelby County Herald at Newspapers.com

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6 Responses to “Rio Grande Runs Dry”

  1. Rowland P says:

    Great stuff showing history of the weather.

    I am not getting notifications by email despite being subscribed.

  2. Richard says:

    next up NASA will show they have satellite data from 1200AD that proves all to be true

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I remember the lower Rio Grande being dry at times in the 1960’s when I lived there. Of course once Elephant Butte and Caballa Dams were built it became difficult to tell what the natural flow would be, plus much of the Rio Grande Valley is highly productive farm land, using mainly the river to support it.

  4. roaddog says:

    Lots of western rivers are extraordinarily muddy right now, and darn near un-fishable.

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