Wuhan Lujan’s War On Science

“We are witnessing the aridification of the West in real time. The nation-leading work my administration has done and continues to do to reduce emissions, mitigate the effects of climate change, and develop a 50-year water plan is more important than ever.”

12:30 PM · Jul 25, 2022

Rio Grande streamflow is above normal in Albuquerque with above normal rainfall in the forecast for the rest of the month.

USGS | National Water Dashboard

10-Day Precipitation Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

Two years ago Scientific American praised her “science-based” approach to COVID, right before cases skyrocketed.

How New Mexico Controlled the Spread of COVID-19 – Scientific American

Since then, COVID-19 cases in New Mexico have increased by a factor of ten, and the governor has locked the state down again.

How New Mexico Controlled the Spread of COVID-19 – Scientific American

New Mexico has one of the highest vaccination rates in the US and the sixth highest COVID-19 death rate. Here in Wyoming we have the second lowest vaccination rate and did much better than New Mexico.

More Than 12.4 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

United States COVID – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer

Have we flattened the curve in New Mexico? – Johns Hopkins

Have we flattened the curve in Wyoming? – Johns Hopkins

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8 Responses to Wuhan Lujan’s War On Science

  1. william says:

    “For more than a year, Uttar Pradesh has been kicking the ass of every western nation in dealing with Covid and they did it with simple, effective early treatment packages that looked like this:

    The kit included:

    Azithromycin (Z-pac)
    Vitamins D & C

    It’s plain as day that this approach worked and worked very well, not just at keeping deaths down, but cases too. With fewer cases that were less serious, it’s a pretty safe bet that they managed to keep long Covid down as well.

    Dr. Pierre Kory recently penned an exquisitely good piece on exactly how Uttar Pradesh accomplished their astonishing feat. It all began with a leader who was unafraid to begin by rooting out corruption:

    The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh

    Uttar Pradesh (UP) is a state in the north of India with a population of 231 million people. It’s the home of the Taj Mahal. If it were a country, it would be the sixth largest in the world”

    • Gamecock says:

      Interesting, William. I take 3 of those routinely.

      Anecdata: My son, while he was living with me, had Covid Jan-Feb 2021. I never caught it. I had doctor test me in July 2021 to see if I had had Covid. Nope. Never.

  2. Ben Vorlich says:

    As a UK resident and fan of Marty Robbins, I’ve had a passing interest in the Rio Grande. I have thought for many years tht water extraction was the root cause of reduce flow. Changing the Rio Grande to the Rio Pequeño

  3. kzvx says:

    Tony, I haven’t had an email from this site in several weeks. I’ve checked spam folders. It won’t let me re subscribe with the same address.

  4. Caleb Shaw says:

    Hoping we get some rain from a coastal low this week up here in New Hampshire. It is a very dry summer. So I expect the Alarmists to raise a ruckus about it being due to Global Warming.

    However, I remembered a bad drought in New England during my boyhood, back in the early 1960’s. Checked out the records, and discovered it was far worse than the current drought. Quabbin Reservoir, which supplies Boston, was more than half empty by 1965. Some politicians were talking about drastic public works projects, such as rerouting the Connecticut River to Quabbin Reservoir. Fortunately, there were some big, rainy nor’easters and the politicians never got their hands on all that dough.

    I wrote a somewhat sarcastic post about how Alarmists don’t want to hear about the past which you might enjoy.


  5. Nelson says:

    I have a cabin in Chama, NM. Very interesting to watch the stream flows in the upper Chama and Brazos rivers.

  6. Nancy Day says:

    Off topic comment: I have not received the daily email from your site since July 25. I do not delete them as I find them easy to access. I am using a Mac with Chrome.

    Is there anything I can do to restore service?

    I have checked Spam & Trash. I have attempted to ‘resubscribe’ but your database does already include this email.

    Thank you.

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