1902 – Swiss Glaciers Disappearing

“Saturday 16 August 1902

Alpine Glaciers Disappearing.

Hotelkeepers in the Swiss Alps have a new trouble, and are complaining at the loss of patrons. The attractive glaciers are said to be actually passing from the landscape, and as they recede the hotels along their borders find their visitors becoming fewer. These glaciers are not running away, by any means, but they are deteriorating slowly, with a persistency that means their final annihilation. Hotels that a few years ago stood very near to a great river of slowly-moving ice, now And themselves a considerable distance away. The famous glaciers of the Rhone have shrunk several thousand feet in the Inst 20 years; considerably more than 100ft a year. A number of the well-known glaciers are also shrinking at about the same rate, and the fact is established that these reminders of the great glacial period are certainly disappearing.”

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2 Responses to 1902 – Swiss Glaciers Disappearing

  1. Richard says:

    WOW more glaciers now then when Al Gore was born

  2. Ulric Lyons says:

    “The famous glaciers of the Rhone have shrunk several thousand feet in the last 20 years”

    During the 1880-1890’s, a centennial solar minimum, the AMO would be warmer, the warmer AMO drives continental glacier retreat all around the northern hemisphere.

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