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Rural Heat Islands

As humidity and dew points have increased in the corn belt due to increased yields, the likelihood of both very hot nights and cool nights has decreased.

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Hot Summer Nights

On July 25, 1936 temperatures at Lincoln, Nebraska never dropped below 91F. University of Nebraska students slept on the lawn because the dormitories were unbearably hot.

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Thinking Like A Democrat

Apparently Democrats think the majority of voters aren’t people, because “people” are afraid Trump will get the most votes. (2) Sylvain Saurel’s answer to Why are people so fearful of Trump getting re-elected? – Quora

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California Bans Transportation

Last week California banned the sale of gasoline powered cars, and this week they are telling people not to use their electric cars because the state doesn’t have enough electricity. “The top three conservation actions are to set thermostats to … Continue reading

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Greenland Reporting Meltdown

The press is recycling the same Arctic melting story from seventy years ago. The only difference is that in 1952 there actually was some truth to what they were saying.

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Agricultural Heat Islands

US summer afternoon temperatures have not increased over the last 60 years, but nighttime temperatures have. The increase correlates with the increase in corn yields in the US. Corn yields in the United States, 1866 to 2014 Cornfields increase humidity … Continue reading

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End Of Summer Greenland Report

Over the past year, the surface of the Greenland ice sheet has gained 467 billion tons of snow and ice, including 18 billion tons over the last four days. More will likely accumulate today. This is the fourth year out … Continue reading

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New Climate Tools

A short tutorial discussing new climate analysis tools at

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Offline …..

Paul Joseph Watson from Prison Planet tweeted this earlier today. “Greenland ice sheet gained 7 Gigatons of mass in just one day yesterday — the largest daily gain ever recorded during the summer.” 5:30 AM · Aug 30, 2022 Shortly … Continue reading

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Obama’s Energy Dream Comes True

“Under my plan … electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket” – Barack Obama 2008

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