“All Are Welcome Here”

“The White liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the Black man.”

– Malcolm-X

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  1. Jonesey says:

    It’s a stroke of brilliance shifting the burden of illegal immigration to sanctuary cities! Bravo!

  2. Yes “Toto has been around for a while ” hasn’t he ?……And there is so much he hasnt learned or refuses to learn – like his master. Unless the dog is the metaphor

    Malcolm X – whom you have quoted a number of times – while he was contemptuous of white Democrat liberals , was a Jew hating racist Tony. He modified his hatred of white people after his Haj pilgrimage to Mecca – but not Jewish people or Zionists. He spouted all the horrible anti Semitic tropes and canards to the day he died and was instrumental in radicalizing black anti – Semitism into African American communities and college campuses presaging the Black Lives Matter movement. For all Malcolm X’s much lauded “wisdom ” and resentment of slavery in the Americas , he deceived himself on the matter of Islam’s tradition of slavery and racial prejudice . He lied to himself and to others after he converted to Islam , pretending not to notice that the prophet Mohammed was white complexioned and the Arab word for ‘black [ Abd ] was synonymous with the Arab word for ‘slave ‘ So too Barack Obama whose bombing of Libya in concert with NATO led to the return of the countrys slave markets

    ” On his trip to Saudi Arabia in 1959 preparing the way for Elijah Muhammads visit later that year …….Malcolm X exulted that he had found what expected – a racial paradise with “no color prejudice among Muslims ” ………..Somehow Malcolm X managed to overlook the nearby slave market – Saudi Arabia would not abolish [ legally ] slavery until 1962 when there were still 100 000 black slaves there ……..Drawing on the age old anti Semitic image of the duplicitous Jew , which he had absorbed from the Koran and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which he had elevated to the NOI’s [ Nation of Islams ] required reading list, Malcolm X had warned that the Jew only “poses as being a friend ”

    Before BLM : Anti -Semitic black activists identification with Palestinian Arabs ” https://jns.org/opinion/before-blm-anti-semitic-black-activists-identification-with-palestinian-arabs/ “How Anti -Semitism Became a Staple of Woke Activism on Campus ” https://nas.org/blogs/article/how-anti-semitism-became-a-stable-of-woke-activism-on-campus

    Malcolm X disparaged Jewish people for their religious identity and ethnicity as contemptuously as he did white liberals . Martin Luther King put him to shame

    • His comment on white liberals remains valid, as was illustrated by the remainder of the video. What his other views were is irrelevant to the argument. Ad hominem is not a valid line of reasoning,

    • arn says:

      You also haven’t learned a thing.

      I told you several times to finally aquire the ability to tell the message from the messenger.
      Then you do not need to write a wall of text to prove a point.

      And if you write so much about him,
      why don’t you mention that it was Malcolm X who exposed the collaboration of the Nation of Islam with Nazis in the USA –
      and as result he was first silenced ,then kicked out of the organisation than killed.

      Now it was extremely bizarre for a black man like him to visit Mekka just a few years
      after the saudi arabs ended slavery and who got instantly rid of the whole black
      slave population after they became useless(just as all other arab + persian countries did when they were forced by western countries to end slavery )
      but Malcolm X did neither knew about the slavery in those countries as neither your indoctr…education system nor the MSM,that is run by liberals ever mentioned this fact.
      Instead they were only focused to scream about South Africas apartheid though living standards for blacks and their treatment was significantly better than in any nonblack muslim country.
      And this kind of massive misleading by the white liberals is still going on.
      Just yesterday a woke movie(woman king) was released about black Amazons fighting evil white intruders to defend their lifestyle.
      In reality it was a black tribe of traditional slave traders who even recruited females to maximize slave-harvest who attacked the french army that was sent to end slavery.
      And if you take a look at the trailer you will see masculine females moving like animals.

      If you want to piss and bark at a tree,use Nelson Mandela – he deserves it way more.
      He had all the time in the world to point out the slavery in those countries and the “disappearance” of black ex-slaves or the fact why those slaves were not able to reproduce.
      And Mandela was neither bound by his religion to stay silent as Malcolm X was ,nor was he living on a different continent to be unaware of what’s going on.
      His silence about what was going and the scale was something completely different than a bit of Malcolms rhetoric which was just part of his religion where jews are considered cursed people.

      Btw – if you are already so worried about Malcolms rhetorics than try to find out which country secretly tried to sterelize its black jewish population 17 years ago
      and if you want to know how these people are still being treated there
      listen to Donald Sterlings leaked phone calls which made him lose the LA Clippers for no reason.

  3. Yes Gordon , Tony’s comment does indeed remain valid or at least contentious as Malcolm broad-brushed all white liberals as sneaky and insincere ..Tony however is of Jewish heritage so why would anyone approvingly cite a man who detests you for no reason but your family’s ancestry and beliefs ?…Because its a clever wedge to humiliate white liberals ?. Quoting Malcolm X’s racist sentiments and his blindness to Islamic slavery or Tony’s predilection for quoting Malcolm is not ad hominem , nor irrelevant to the argument at all ‘Arn’ segued into some waffle about Nelson Mandela that has no relation this debate yet you have not chided him Which rather gives your complaint away .Misleadingly characterizing anothers arguments as “ad hominem ” to score a cheap point is itself a fallacy Do you believe it is ‘ad hominem ” to criticize a man for anti Semitic hatred ? ..What sort of bubble do you inhabit ?

  4. Now to correct you ‘Arn ‘ – and not for the first time – Malcolm X visited Saudi Arabia in 1959 when the Saudi slave markets were still selling African slaves 90 years after slavery was abolished in the United States . His Haj pilgrimage was in the year 1964 . He was such an intelligent well read and perceptive man that is not plausible he was oblivious to the prophet Mohammeds ownership of black slaves , nor the history of the Arab Muslim caliphates and emirates slave trafficking still in existence when he toured Saudi Arabia . Only the public slave auctions had ended in the kingdom by 1964 .

    Malcolm X did not “expose ” Elijah Muhammads relationship with the American Nazi Party whose leadership were invited as guests to attend a Nation of Islam conference where Malcom was one of the speakers. It was there in plain sight and there are photographs of the event . It was Malcolm who met and sought to negotiate with the Klu Klux Klan as the Nation of Islam and the KKK were mutually interested in the racially segregated partition of the United States . It is still an unresolved mystery as to who assassinated Malcolm X . At the time of his murder he was a NOI reformist so the short list culprits could have been Elijah Muhammad , rogue police harboring a vendetta , white supremacists or Hoovers FBI …He made a lot of enemies

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