Green German Demokratic Republic

Germany has committed to stop buying oil from Russia, and their strategy seems to be to steal it instead.

Germany takes control of Russian-owned refinery amid energy crisis | Reuters

Bloomberg describes international piracy as “energy independence” and glorifies the “full muscle of of German state.”

Germany seizing things was a popular news story in 1939 as well.

31 Dec 1939, 13 – Dayton Daily News at

“National Post (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) – 26 Feb 2009, Thu


Strong growth in Germany’s renew- able energy sector along with in- creased state spending for environment protection could help shorten the country’s worst post-war recession, the German government said on Tuesday. Deputy environment minister Astrid Klug said there were now 250,000 jobs in Germany’s renewable energies sector and an overall total of 1.8 million in environmental protection. The number of jobs in renewables will triple by 2020 and hit 900,000 by 2030. “In- vestments in climate protection can help us get out of this crisis faster,” Klug told a news conference. “Climate protection is a real job motor for Germany.”

26 Feb 2009, 20 – National Post at

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8 Responses to Green German Demokratic Republic

  1. arn says:

    Must be fake news: The green,zero carbon footprint climate neutral 5th column WEF government in Germany would never ever seize an evil fossil fuel producing plant to be able to release more co2.

    And it is no piracy.
    The british used to call their government sponsored pirates buccaneers(medieval political correcness) just as they nowadays call their terrorists freedom fighters and their wars humanitarian aid..
    Buccaneering should be the correct term.

    “The problem with green communism is that eventually you run out of other peoples refineries and fossil fuel”


    • Wasn’t the term ‘privateer’? I suppose an authority which grants itself the right to steal from its own people, presumes the right to steal from others.

      • arn says:

        Stealing from others in disguise is still being practiced.
        But now the Pirates are neither called privateers nor buccaneers ,but IMF,IRS and forced consumption of products as masks and vaccines,
        and the serial criminals are either in DC,Wall Street or mercenaries of the foreign legion,blackwater,Wagner Group.

        I thought it was buccaneer, but that’s just(English) movie knowledge ,so you are probably right.

  2. Jonesey says:

    Remember when Trump warned the Germans about their reliance on Russia for fossil fuels? They laughed! Who is laughing now??

  3. william says:

    I never knew gas supply was so complex –

    “Accordingly, many / most above-ground atmospheric pressure nat-gas reserve tanks or highly pressurized subsurface caverns by themselves will not work as expected unless a backflow – even at very low flow rates and inflow pressures — is constantly maintained from the Russian pipeline source… thus pushing the stored nat-gas out. Otherwise, in the event that the Russian pipeline were completely shut-off, Newtonian physics ( how ironic ) would not allow, for example, to suction nat-gas out of its current storage as a vacuum would be drawn making outflow impossible”

  4. Paul says:

    Russia has undertaken a hugely cruel and destructive invasion of a sovereign nation. It has also reneged on its energy contracts and changed the terms unilaterally. It is behaving in a criminal way and is as bad as any other terrorist state in the world. In any just outcome they would be required to pay large reparations – as is the case when compensation is paid in other criminal or civil cases. It is a lawless nation trying to dominate the countries of Europe and any actions taken either to protect energy security or to confiscate Russian assets are entirely right, justifiable and necessary.

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