How The Natural World Reacted

Out of nine million species, humans are the only one which will voluntarily give up their freedom. Filmed from May-October 2020 when Joe Biden was hiding in his basement.

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3 Responses to How The Natural World Reacted

  1. Jeff L. says:

    Great video! My musical tastes may be a little different, but I prefer this mix:

  2. GWS says:

    Humans are the only species that will volintarily give up their freedom — ? I have to disagree. Look at your pet dogs, what’s stopping them from just running and running and running, till they are finally out of sight, like Chevy Chase and his new Irish Setter? He never saw him again. I look at my cat and I look at the wild birds I feed outside my study and I see a big difference in each one’s desire for freedom. And then I have to ask — What means “freedom?” And I see that it’s not the same for everyone, nor for all species. Clearly, the only true freedom is in the grave.

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