It Is All Putin’s Fault

Three years ago President Trump warned Germany about their nonsensical energy policies.

One year ago Germany announced the end of fossil fuels.

As a result of these policies and others promoted by the New York Times, Germany doesn’t have enough energy.

Now the New York Times says it is all Putin’s fault.

Opinion | Putin Will Make People Choose Between Heating and Eating This Winter – The New York Times

A few months ago the New York Times said Biden’s Russia policies were brilliant.

Opinion | Is Sleepy Joe Biden Making Vladimir Putin Blink? – The New York Times

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7 Responses to It Is All Putin’s Fault

  1. arn says:

    When Germany announced the end of fossil fuels they(and other countries) needed an excuse to reach this goal – and self destructive sanction is an elegant way to do so while blaming someone else.

    The original transition was not supposed to be so hardcore,
    as the war in Ukraine was supposed to start in 2017,
    as the leading war criminal rinos Lindsay Graham and Johhn McCain already started promoting a Ukraine war in 2016 on TV to regain territory back.
    But Trump happened so they went silent for 4 years,and the layer of sanctions can no longer be imposed the slow way so people can get used to it.
    Same with the woke politics.

  2. Torgo says:

    Plenty of cheap reliable energy in Russia these days, cyka blyat.

    Russians will be warm and well-fed this winter. They might run out of worthless foreign luxury goods, but the salt and the natural gas must flow!

  3. conrad ziefle says:

    If the German peasants forgive their leaders for the misery that they will cause this winter, then they deserve to starve and freeze. How many times do they have to conform to these fascist regimes before they go pitchforks and torches on their leaders? The best we can help them is to provide ubiquitous truth about COVID-vaccines, and climate change. How can we get it through the American Nazi Party Filter so that they can learn the truth?

  4. toorightmate says:

    Merkel was the wrecker of Germany, not Putin.

    • Robertvd says:

      Communism/Socialism (Fascism/National Socialism) will always wreck a system. It is not sustainable.
      But how many know that Mussolini was a communist and Hitler a socialist ?

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