Michael Mann’s Million Dollar Theft

Besides all of his other crimes against science and humanity, one of Michael Mann’s worst offenses was his failure to reimburse Tim Ball for legal costs following Mann’s frivolous lawsuit. Ten years of litigation ruined Tim Ball’s health and depleted his finances.

Mann’s lawyer agreed that Mann would reimburse legal costs, but three years later Michael Mann hasn’t paid a penny. There will be a Go Fund Me account set up shortly to help the family.


Mark Steyn did an excellent write-up discussing this.

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12 Responses to Michael Mann’s Million Dollar Theft

  1. conrad ziefle says:

    Michael Mann is a rattlesnake.

  2. spren says:

    Mann will someday get what is coming to him and it isn’t the absurd praise of the warmist cultists as crazy as he is.

    I believe there is a special place in Hell reserved for cretins like him, and even the value of that neighborhood will go way down once he becomes a resident.

  3. Jeff L. says:

    Wow. Look at this video that Tim Ball recorded before the pandemic, and before the astronomical increase in energy prices. He deserves the title “Climate Prophet” far more than Al Gore.


  4. Dave N says:

    Are payment of costs not enforceable through jail time, seizure of assets, or anything else? What the hell is the point?

  5. Tel says:

    How does he get away with that?

  6. Even with my meagre finances I intend to contribute to Tim s Go Fund Me account …As I did to assist Peter Ridds court battles . One is left with the impression Mike Mann’s frivolous lawsuits against Tim Ball and Mark Steyn were a ‘process is the punishment ” strategy …..Tim’s quip that Mann should be languishing in the State Pen , not Penn State would have infuriated Mann. …At the very least he should have been fired from his university post in the wake of the Climategate emails ….Climate evangelists seem to get away with all manner of despicable misconduct ..Like Duke University psychiatrist Dr Allen Frances advocating a false diagnosis on CNN to remove President Donald Trump on the wild assumption Trumps climate crimes [ The data shows United States carbon emissions dipped under his presidency ] may be responsible for more deaths than Stalin Hitler and Mao ….This is not even a breach of the Goldwater Rule – its Soviet era psychiatry and if the APA had a semblance of integrity the association would have dumped him ..I’m sure Mann would receive a clean bill of mental health .

  7. GWS says:

    Despicable! I didn’t know that it ended this way. Mann is even less of a man than I’d given him credit for being. — No shame nor conscience at all.

  8. Disillusioned says:

    Steyn: Mann filed suit against Ball in British Columbia, and then just sat it out, knowing that (to reprise my old line) the process is the punishment.

    He may think he won, and likely feels no remorse for the evil he has wrought – as would anyone who is evil incarnate. Karma is a sunuvabich.

  9. Laurie says:

    Sincere condolences to everyone who knew and esteemed Doctor Ball.

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