US White Supremacists

The white supremacists of the Marth’s Vineyard sanctuary community called in the National Guard to evict 50 undocumented immigrants whom they promised housing to. The press calls these evictions “helping the immigrants.”


National Guard assisting migrants moved to Cape Cod – CBS Boston

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4 Responses to US White Supremacists

  1. GWS says:

    Only a liberal could act this hypocritically and not know it.

  2. arn says:

    The national guard because of 50 people?

    What would they do if they get fiery but mostly peaceful protests?
    Tactical Nukes?
    And why so much trouble – Marthas Swineyard will be under water any time soon.Ask Obama.

    My guess is that these kind of people are taking immigrant the same way they take the vaccine .

    And where’ s the national guard to protect those who are really suffering from the consequences of the Vineyard Oligarchs,be it open borders,defundthe police or soft on crime.
    Anyway – strange reaction from people who are pro immigration and anti gun.

    They should move to Obamas mansion.
    The place can easily take 1000 tents as nothing is occupied by solar panels – Just 2 huge gas tanks.
    As his mansion probably has 10+ bathrooms and at least one huge kitchen living standards for campers should be 100 better than on the streets of LA –
    and Obama can show how good he can organise communities.

  3. Is there anybody in the entire American electorate who is taken in by these hypocritical protestations?

  4. nfw says:

    The illegals are always welcome, well, until they turn up in their street.

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