“We Believe In Science”

Greens are sucking huge amounts of water out of the Colorado River to create biofuels, and then they blame the lack of water in the Colorado River on the burning of fossil fuels.

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  1. Bill says:

    OT (which in this case means “on topic”):

    Scientists call on colleagues to protest climate crisis with civil disobedience

    “Scientists should commit acts of civil disobedience to show the public how seriously they regard the threat posed by the climate crisis, a group of leading scientists has argued.

    “Civil disobedience by scientists has the potential to cut through the myriad complexities and confusion surrounding the climate crisis,” the researchers wrote in an article, published in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change on Monday.

    “When those with expertise and knowledge are willing to convey their concerns in a more uncompromising manner … this affords them particular effectiveness as a communicative act. This is the insight of Greta Thunberg when she calls on us to ‘act as you would in a crisis’.”

    • spren says:

      Those people in the Guardian story are completely insane. Instead of gluing their hands to windows, they should be glued to seats in rubber rooms and wrapped securely in very tight white jackets.

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