White Supremacists In America

The wealthy residents of Martha’s Vineyard say they have no room for poor immigrants on their island. (This apparently doesn’t apply to the immigrants who come in for the day to clean their homes and take care of their children.)

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  1. Joe Biden given his history of supporting ‘busing’ and his friendships with Democrat segregationists is gaslighting and projecting his own bigotries onto decent conservative Americans with the complicity of the media and the Democratic Partys private police force – the FBI .

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    That is a terrific quote from Malcolm X. He certainly had the Dems sussed. Wish the rest of the Afro-Americans were as insightful.

    • It was a speech by a man who was the mirror image of the white liberals [ he did not say Democrats “] he despised .. So much for his ‘insights ” … Malcolm X , who insulted integrationist African Americans who just wanted to live happy productive lives told an interviewer the Klu Klux Klan murdered his father and torched his familys home twice …. Despite this , as the Nation of Islam representative, he engaged in secret talks with Klan leaders in Atlanta [ monitored by an FBI informant ] to discuss their selfish mutual interests . The Klan broke the ice by mocking Jews and one of the ideas mentioned in that meeting – knocked back by Malcolm X – was the assassination of Martin Luther King……King was opposed to racial segregation and violent insurrection The Klan and Nation of Islam both hated him for it ……And the vicious J Edgar Hoover whose FBI recruited hundreds of Nazi war criminals ……..The movie ‘ Missisippi Burning’ left a lot of that historical truth out didnt it ? I find it extraordinary that the Klu Klux Klan started as the paramilitary arm of the disgruntled Democratic Party and now Antifa is the de facto successor as the modern Democrats thug force. using the
      same intimidation tactics ….. Kamala Harris encouraged rioters violent behavior in an interview and yet the FBI never showed up at her door

      Jerry Nadler has deluded himself that Antifa is a ‘myth ‘ . Keith Elisson was pictured proudly holding Mark Brays Antifa handbook Joe Biden the old fool – who enjoyed lasting friendships with old Klansmen and segregationists and has a history of lazy racist slurs – repeated FBI Director Chris Wrays deceitful notion that Antifa is merely an ‘idea’ or ideology ” ……

      The political enemies of Antifa and the Klu Klux Klan were , and are, traditionally , the Republican Party .. And who are Biden, the Democrat machine and the shockingly corrupt FBI demonizing and harassing ? ….. Republicans

      Imparting such truths makes one a lot of enemies …I dont care anymore

  3. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    These white supremacist (liberals) are the the same people that are ok with schools allowing teachers to molest our children
    Tucker Carlson explains

    • Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

      Your moral duty is to defend your children and be prepared to fight back.
      No wonder they elected Joe Biden. They needed a like minded pervert to defend their cause

  4. roaddog says:

    “Don’t come back without your leaf blower.”
    44 hours of diversity was all the community of the Clintons, Obamas and Kennedys could tolerate.

  5. Bill says:

    In 2016, during the run up to the election, accusations of “white supremacist” and neo Nazi Trump supporters were flying everywhere. My wife was alarmed. When 63 million people voted for Donald Trump, she was even more worried.

    So, I looked on the Internet for answers. For the left-leaning liberal viewpoint, I looked at the Southern Poverty Law Center; that website said that there were about 3,000 Nazis in America.

    I then looked at the FBI.gov website; they said that there were about 2,000 Nazis in America.

    What about “white supremacists”? The SPLC estimated that there were 50,000 white supremacists in America; the FBI.gov site estimated that the number of white supremacists was in the low tens of thousands.

    This is a long way from the 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and the 70+ million who voted for him in 2020.

    I’ve never heard an American president scarier than Joe Biden; his public speeches about tens of millions of American citizens were absolutely shocking. His sundowning lack of affect and unrealistic facial peeled skin make his dictatorial raving look even worse.

    • Stuart Hamish says:

      What Bill has not divulged is Hoovers FBI and the CIA rat lined and recruited thousands of Nazi and Axis Powers war criminals … The old pervert and bully Hoover himself – whose name still stains the bureaus headquarters – only signed the FBI up to InterPol after the Nazis had seized control of the institutions headquarters in Vienna and Reinhard Heydrich was installed as president ..What I found even more disturbing is James Murdoch who reviled Donald Trump as somehow the villain after the Charlottesville violence and is maliciously denigrated in NewsCorp press outlets , announced there are ” no good Klansmen or Nazis” – only for James Murdoch and his wife Kathryn to donate a generous sum to Joe Bidens presidential campaign.. even though Biden was good friends with Robert Byrd and other racist Democrat senators and congressmen…..

      The British Army colonel Richard Kemp let the truth slip in an interview admitting that authorities know the far right are not a genuine domestic security threat but they hyperbolize it to appease Islamists and the radical left ……It is a classic time honored tactic ….. Joe Biden – the American Lenin – has gone further into the MacArthyist realm to demonize any Americans he labels ‘MAGA Republicans ” to consolidate his grip on power …..The Duke University psychiatrist Allen Frances ranted on CNN that Americans were ‘crazy ‘ for electing him and endorsed a false diagnosis to impeach him …..

      What other regimes used political psychiatry and the press – and the corrupted domestic security services – to demonize, intimidate and ruin the lives of their political opponents ?

  6. Heretic Jones says:

    So liberals are now White supremacists? The same people who publicly claim to be zionists and communists? Lol.

    While, as a matter of simple public record, the jew has occupied every Western government in the world – as an example ‘biden’ publicly claims to be zionist and has nearly completely filled key positions with jews.

    Meanwhile, Whites – a global minority – are becoming a hated subgroup in the lands of their forefathers thanks to you retards buying in to the non-stop propaganda from the completely jew-owned media.

    You sheep are clinically retarded.

    Another day another jew subversion by your friendly neighborhood Cheyenne-based jew.

    Hear this retards – you will continue to be marginalized, plundered, and humiliated until you realize who your enemy is (forever the jew), and how he operates (extreme jewish nationalism while simultaneously promoting pride among black, Hispanic, etc races yet eradicating any nationalistic thought among Whites).

    Wake up to your genocide White cucks.

    • spren says:

      You require immediate and significant psychological help. You are a bigoted stain on this site and should just go away.

      • ‘Heretic Jones” is baiting and probably sniggering behind his hands spren ……

      • Heretic Jones says:

        None of you retards ever, ever refute my words. No evidence against my comments is ever presented. Your name calling is as bad as mine lol!

        The number of racially conscious nationalists is dramatically increasing, and not a single one of us gives one second’s thought to being called bigot, racist, anti-semite, etc. Our numbers are skyrocketing as more and more Whites perceive the replacement and finally understand who is behind it: a small out-group who:

        -prints the money and imposes usury
        -owns all mainstream media
        -controls all politics
        -boasts about being primary funders and directors of replacement migration

        It’s the jews, retards. I can provide dozens of sources for each of my claims (too bad, by design, this comment platform disallows attachment of photos, etc). You parrot what the jew media wants you to say: bigot! racist!

        So call me what you will. Your children and grandchildren will remember you for your clinical retardation, manifested in an inability to simply recognize an enemy who is fueled by hate and wants you dead and your civilizations forgotten.

        Manifested in an inability to understand that love of your own folk in no way implies contempt for other folk.

        Manifested in buying in to the jew-promoted notion of White supremacy, as the small out-group is over represented in the power structures of all Western institutions.

        The jew has been forcibly expelled from 111 different countries over 1100 times, and you lack the mental fortitude to simply recognize a pattern, not to mention to simply question why this pattern exists.

    • 1,Vegieman says:

      Axe grinding is the occupation of hypocrites.

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