YouTube Clown Show

YouTube has a new algorithm which guarantees most comments won’t be seen by the majority of viewers.

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5 Responses to YouTube Clown Show

  1. arn says:

    So YouTube goes full Marthas Vineyard to keep its comment section woke,pure and clean and has released the national guard code.

    Seems something big is incoming when big tech has to “improve” an algorithm which was already Stalin on Steroids removing half of the comments.
    They are going even so far to censor comments of other platforms by denying them access to the google app stores because they don’t have Gestapo censorship
    but only that kind of moderation google had 7 years ago.

    I wonder what the reason is?
    Maybe the scale of voter manipulation has to be gigantic to keep the Dems and Rinos in.
    Maybe they are trying to turn the country into the Nicaragua of the 70ies with Joemoza,
    Maybe the green energy supply and its destruction of the middle class is already so so devastating that it needs all censorship they can have to keep the green “revolution” going and the angry Supermajority silent,
    Maybe a new Virus is about to gain some functions from a wet market that is by some coincidence located next to a foreign Fauci Biolab which also has already the vaccine
    or some ugly new wars and revolutions(which will eventually always result in a woke,gendered,green soros globalist outcome and massive transformation of constitutions towards degeneration and dysfunctionality,no matter how nationalist the original movement was) are incoming with new Zelenskies waiting to be installed.
    Maybe,if we take a look in and around Russia,China,Hungary,Serbia,Myanmar,Thailand etc.
    There may be NED and NGO sponsored minorities who feel the massive urge to protest.

    A lot of things have to be done till 2030 and the years lost during Trump have to be compensated.

  2. GWS says:

    Numerous liberal sites have completely eliminated their comments.

  3. D. Boss says:

    Don’t know what you are talking about Tony. I just checked the last 3 YouTube videos you have posted, and each and every one has all the comments showing whether you select top comments, or newest first.

    However, I am using FireFox browser, and I am logged into a Google Account (who owns YouTube). This is a desktop computer, running Win7 pro.

    I’ve just checked on my other desktop, which runs Win10, also using Firefox, and which is not logged into my Google Account, and all comments on past 3 videos are visible which ever selection is chosen. (Top or Newest)

    So either they got caught and reverted, or perhaps throttling only occurs with lesser machines – like smart phones or tablets? Or the type of internet connection – like if you are going over a cell phone network where your bandwidth is limited.

    I’m not defending the “Tube” or Google, I believe they are one of the biggest threats to civilization that has ever existed, but what you described does not happen here.

  4. D Boss says:

    I just checked on my work laptop, and there are 192 comments and I can see them all. Again Win7, Firefox browser, not logged into Google Account.

    I think it is dependent upon the machine and/or browser you use. Here the first opening of a youtube video and only those comments that fit on the page are shown, but if you scroll down, more appear and keep appearing as you continue scrolling until you’ve seen them all.

    It’s not some nefarious algorithm, but blame your machine or browser or both. (if you are using data over cell network, I bet your system limits extraneous items like the scroll down to comments) I’ve checked on 3 different machines, 2 operating systems and hard wired internet connection vs wifi. All work to view all tony’s comments.

  5. D. Boss says:

    OK, there was some kind of glitch with YouTube in general. One of the persons I follow for a particular series of reaction videos posted the following 2 days ago, Sept 22:

    “Hey guys, I don’t know if YouTube is doing upgrades or what but it seems comments are not being seen unless you select newest in filters. So I’m not even getting notifications that there are comments. So if I have not interacted with your comment that is the reason”

    Her site has nothing whatsoever to do with anything controversial or against the libtard narrative, so it was a global issue with the Tube….

    I haven’t seen this phenomenon since Tony pointed it out, so my guess it was a glitch that was non discriminatory and temporary.

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