Erasing The “little tropical age”

In 1998 there were two competing temperature reconstructions being considered by the UN IPCC. Briffa’s reconstruction was fairly accurate but was rejected because it didn’t show what the politicians in charge of the process wanted to see. Instead they used Michael Mann’s wildly fraudulent hockey stick.

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  1. “It would be nice to try to contain the putative MWP ”

    Why would a climatologist want to tendentiously contain scientific data and a historical event ?….Oh , it was an idea of Mike Manns and according to his rival Keith Briffa the modern warming was ” probably matched a 1000 years ago ” ……

    Well that was problematic for the Hockey Stick graph …..Now one can see why the last 30 years of Briffas tree ring temperature reconstruction were memory holed to ‘hide the decline” and Keith Briffa was the suspected Climategate email tranche whistleblower

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