Journalist Thinks I Am Suppressing Free Speech

5:59 PM · Nov 24, 2022

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8 Responses to Journalist Thinks I Am Suppressing Free Speech

  1. Jack the Insider says:

    Senator Malcolm Roberts on EV’s

  2. Gerald Kutney – a friend of Climate Brawl opines on Tonys phantom ‘hate speech “… If Im not mistaken ‘brawl’ has violent overtones so it might be a good idea to get back in your box Gerald

  3. So apparently the First Law of Thermodynamics is ‘hate speech’. I have had an idiot troll call it ‘pseudo science’, but ‘hate speech’ is a new one on me. The alarmist garbage can only be maintained through censorship of real science.

    • arn says:

      Gerald Kutney has a PhD –
      of course such a person will assume that flow of information is hate speech,
      as he lives in a world where climate deniers exist though they do not (noone ever denied the existence of climate )and where climate can be hated.
      And he is using communist weapon that never ever existed before(= hate speech )in human history until it was invented in the USA (just like the coming ice age and global warming ).

      And his claim that lies and propaganda have consequences is wrong.
      1)If they would have consequences global warming scam would have stopped after
      climate gate 1&2 and Mann would have been in prison for his tree ring scam which was basically proven wrong by Briffa since day1.
      And Paul Ehrlich would have been sentenced to death alongside Holdren 35 years ago.
      2) It was the biggest climate scam pusher of all,Obama,who basically legalized propaganda with HR 4310 ten years ago.
      3)the palmares at the bottom (Seal award for enviro journalism,UN global prize for Climate for climate reporting) shows who is systematically using propaganda.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    Gerald Kutney: Really dumb person, and grand inquisitor of the church of Marxism.
    Stephen Leahy: Yet another trite propagandist

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