non-vaccinated “lunatics”

Amazing story worth reading in entirety.

Julie Powell: 49-year-old New York food writer calls the non-vaccinated “lunatics” and “assholes,” dead 10 months after mRNA booster shot – The COVID Blog™

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  1. conrad ziefle says:

    It’s really kind of sad that people can be so easily led down this path and have no second thoughts about it. I’ve had three shots, my last one year ago. I was already questioning it then, because I have this simple concept about vaccines: Maybe, two and then you should be good for at least a year, preferably 1o years. That isn’t happening with these “shots” which no longer should be called vaccines. They are, at best, short term boosters, and at worst long term destroyers. Yesterday I listened to Dr. Nass on Epoch Times and it seems that I’ve been painted into a corner. Apparently, I need to play Russian Roulette and take another shot, as the positive effect of the last booster has now turned negative, and I am more susceptible to bad COVID. I’ve also read that the new booster still has the Wuhan spike in it, which is a deadly agent. So why are they still injecting the Wuhan spike, when it is extinct? Is it cheaper to push it into people’s bodies than it is to destroy it at high temperatures in a furnace? Is it cheaper to add the Omicron to an existing vaccine than it is to create a Omicron only vaccine? Probably the later.

    • Petit_Barde says:

      Can’t give any advice but this is my experience :

      Most of my friends/relatives who are tripple jabbed (50 to >80 years old) got Omicron. Can’t say if it was harcher for them than for me or my wife (59 and 56 unjabbed), maybe it was, but bear in mind that Omicron is a very mild disease anyway (2 to 3 days with some headhache, a little bit fo fever and tiredness – treated with a mere aspirin – and it’s done).

    • Disillusioned says:

      I’m not not going to tell anyone what to do. The following is a bunch of “I” statements.

      I would not believe anyone who says that because my immune system is already wrecked, that I need to take more shots to stay healthy. The human immune system is amazing. If I had done what you did, then my body would have just finished a year to hopefully begin some recovery from the immune system-wrecking balls (that is if the first three shots were not from placebo batches). If I did lose any immunity, I would hope that the longer I stayed away from the poison, the more my immune system would recover. Dunno. I just know I would not play Russian Roulette anymore.

      • conrad ziefle says:

        I’m pretty much on the path of not getting any more shots for COVID, certainly not one with the Wuhan spike in it. I have been pretty lucky in that I have not tested positive for COVID and have not had anything at all severe since the inception of the pandemic. 6 months after the first two shots, they were introducing the booster, and I was about to travel, so I had my antibodies tested, and it was determined that I still had a strong immunity, so I waited until after the trip, but finally got the booster. Currently, my daughter and her husband, both work in medicine, and both have had (he is having) an upper respiratory virus that has been worse for them than COVID, They are living with us, and I have not gotten anything even with hours of daily contact. They both had three shots and still got COVID. I’m wondering if the CCP, or someone, has let loose another homemade virus on us. Anyway, I did not know that those who got the shots could have gotten a placebo. One thing I have done religiously is take Vitamin D and some other stuff. Of course, my medically educated children say nothing can be done except the shot. I can’t get them to think outside what they’ve been taught.

        • Disillusioned says:

          ….I did not know that those who got the shots could have gotten a placebo.

          Conrad, I apologize for not responding till now. And I apologize in advance for the length of my post.

          My understanding is that the ‘vaccines’ were supposedly rushed to market and approved for emergency use although testing was far from complete and their efficacy was yet-to-be proven. We know what happened next – the experimental vaccines were rolled out on the entire human population, sans a few countries that refused to participate, including an experimental vaccine from at least one of the pharmaceutical companies that had never produced a vaccine before. It is also my understanding that in all legitimate medical testing of an unproven medicine, there are control groups that receive placebos/no medicine at all.

          A second reason I think there were control subjects, is because it appears that many of the jabbed have had no ill-effects whatsoever, while others were suddenly having weird side effects or illnesses, or fell dead shortly after their jabs. In addition to knowing people who became ill after their jabs, I know some family members, co-workers and friends who have had no ill effects after receiving them. I pray that continues.

          It appears to me there was indeed an experiment going on (just not the one we would logically think would occur). The drug companies got immunity from prosecution before they sold their rushed jabs to the governments who provided/coerced them “free” onto their publics. It appears there may have been two main tests in this massive experiment: The first one was psychological – to see just how compliant, obedient and malleable the public would be if they were scared and/or bullied enough into submission. The second test was to see just what the real concoctions (the contents of which were not readily/voluntarily provided to the public) would do to those who received them. With the reported deletions from the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) database, those unproven concoctions apparently worked beyond someone’s wildest dreams.

          In spite all the propaganda and fearmongering of the past almost-three years, at least now those who are awake and paying attention now know that those who received the jabs are just as likely as people who never took the jabs to get a flu-like/cold-like illness (which the roulette wheel/unreliable PCR tests may deem as “Covid”).

          Lastly, I think we may be in a lull, before the Cabal brings on the next plandemic (which Bill Gates and Tony Fauci have already prophesied, with smirks on their faces). The Cabal are fully aware now, just how compliant or resistant the populations in various countries will be for the prophesied Round Two, should that occur.

          The mass-media and most high-level politicians around the globe played right along (including President Trump), and many people just would not see what was happening. To think that the kind of tyranny, economic destruction and erosion of liberties of the last three years was over a virus with cold and/or flu-like symptoms that has a +99% survival rate, it seems anyone with just a few synapses firing above their neck should instinctively know that this was about something much larger. IMHO

  2. Greg in NZ says:

    I’m happy to be called a ‘lunatic’ – in sync with the moon – at least I’m still alive and healthy.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Good for you, Greg. My understanding is, that would make you one of about 5% of lucky, independent souls in NZ. (The NZ immigrant I met last month – also non-jabbed as you – said 95% of the population had been jabbed, because it is basically mandatory.)

  3. spren says:

    I love stories with happy endings.

  4. I smelled a rat at the ‘died WITH COVID’ rather than ‘died OF COVID’ reporting from the outset. Clearly something nefarious was afoot, why else was there a need to inflate the figures? In a real emergency, governments call for calm, but all the mainstream media were pouring out fear porn 24/7. Something was obviously wrong. Coupled with the distrust I had in the media arising from their persistent misinformation regarding the ‘climate crisis’, there was no way I was going to believe a word of this rather amateurish propaganda. Regarding the jabs, I resolved to take them when the trials were finished, allegedly next year. No the results are in, there is no chance. I am amazed at the number of people who, by analogy, would apparently be prepared to fly in an aircraft having no airworthiness certificate, which is of novel and unproven design.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      When one of these reports sneaks through for the public to read, you can figure there were ten others that were buried. WHO, CDC, etc. have declared 5 of the last one pandemic. Fauci was so desperate for a real one that he paid the Wuhan Lab to make and spread a virus for him. Now we find out that probably WHO declared 5 of the last zero pandemics. Even with the help of the Wuhan Lab, they couldn’t get sufficient enough threat without cooking the numbers. We can only hope that the crack in the information dam is widening and soon all of it will be out in the open.

  5. Allan Shelton says:

    At the outset I refused the shot[s] because of articles describing the vax as “experimental” . There was no 5-10 year clinical trials, and it was “gene therapy”, not a vaccine, according to the accepted definition.
    Also, there was inordinate pressure put on people to get the “shots” and boosters.
    Then the vax was okayed by the EUA [Emergency Use Act].
    To me this was/is criminal.
    I know 24 people who have had the shots and all have had covid.
    One hade blood clots in his bladder; one has long-term covid; one has had heart problems; one has an undetermined illness.
    8 people I know that did not get any shots, never got covid. [me included].

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