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The Safe Climate Of 1931

Climate alarmists imagine the weather was better in the past when atmospheric CO2 levels were lower – but history doesn’t support their superstitions or childish belief systems.

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Global Warming Outbreak

We haven’t been above 0F (-18C) for several days here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. And the press says we are having the worst drought in 1,200 years.

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“Sun Rules Weather”

“SOME day, when your daily newspaper is delivered, you may turn to a column reserved for bulletins on the sun. At least, that is the opinion of Dr. R. B. Baumegardt, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. of England, and … Continue reading

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Nine Years Since The End Of Snow

Nine years ago the New York Times announced the end of snow, and showed a picture from a ski resort in Germany to prove it. The End of Snow? – The New York Times This is what that resort looks … Continue reading

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“The Science”

Western liberal governments are once again using what they call “the science” as justification to spread fear, suspicion, hatred and division. The same playbook they have always used.

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Justin Trudeau Discusses Science

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Climate Cancel Culture

The UN hasn’t made much progress in their climate scam. They are frustrated and blame their failure on people like me.

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COP Cancel Culture

The United Nations says anyone who interferes with their scam to take over the world’s energy supply is evil. Summative-Report-COP26.pdf NASA 1999 And this is NASA’s current graph, which now shows a strong warming trend during that period. NASA 2019

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Four Boosters And Eight Free Tests

A vaccine so effective that you have to keep getting tested after multiple injections. “Got my FOURTH booster today! Oh, and CVS gave us EIGHT free tests for getting boosted” Kathy Griffin on Instagram: “Got my FOURTH booster today! Oh, … Continue reading

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Pfizer And WEF Announce Their Plans For Drug Compliance

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