COP Cancel Culture

The United Nations says anyone who interferes with their scam to take over the world’s energy supply is evil.


NASA 1999

And this is NASA’s current graph, which now shows a strong warming trend during that period.

NASA 2019

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6 Responses to COP Cancel Culture

  1. Jack the Insider says:

    You must be directly over the target Tony. Keep dropping the bombs.

  2. GWS says:

    Boy, Tony, they’ve got you in their sights. I missed when you told your Sandy Hook story, but I’m glad she got it. Can’t forget that one.

  3. Russell Cook says:

    Pg 32 illustration’s caption — “Most followed accounts in the UK Anti-Science/Conspiracy group – a mix of personalities that have shared COVID misinformation, such as British rapper Zuby and Dr. Clare Craig, and climate misinformation super-spreaders such as Tony Heller.”

    You know the Clima-Change™ issue has devolved to absolute parody level when the mobsters in it come up with sentences like that is so-called reports relating to climate. “Climate misinformation super-spreaders”! That’s one elite club!

  4. Greg in NZ says:

    Congratulations Tony & Kirye and all of us, woohoo! The schoolyard bullies, the CCCs, are now ganging up on the DDDs (childish name-calling, ie. Deny, Deceive, Delay – very similar to names Catholic priest/teachers used to hurl at us young boys when we questioned them over certain matters)… Them v. Us

    That graphic they use says more about THEM than it does US – angry (red hot) person with black hole where heart should be – or maybe it’s our first view of AIM, Artificial Intelligence Man, the anti-life beast.

    Such a great and momentous time to be alive… if only it was a little warmer.

  5. What a curious document, it relies heavily on ‘fact checkers’, which according to a recent ruling in a libel case, only express opinions, which they cannot defend in a court of law. No science, no supporting evidence, just the usual idiots proof : ‘Because I say so’. No investigation of the skeptic arguments and supporting facts, just the unshakable assertion that all dissenters must be wrong. The skeptic arguments are claimed to be ‘debunked’, but not in any document worthy of citation. Why it took 116 pages of verbal diarrhoea just to present the bogus consensus argument escapes me. But it does takes more words to tell a lie than it does to tell plain truth. The document has a FOP (Fog or Pomposity) index in the tens of thousands. I am reminded of the medieval document ‘Maleus Malefactorium’ which was the basis of two centuries of witch burning. The logic is identical

  6. Gosh, with a flawless track record like that, you’d think they would be asking you for stock tips!

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