Conversation With Senator Malcolm Roberts

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6 Responses to Conversation With Senator Malcolm Roberts

  1. Richard says:

    Al Gore really is a crook but then again a sucker is born ever minute, then popped out Gretta
    the entire Global xxxx is all about $$$ and power

  2. GWS says:

    Good show, Tony — Keep it up!

  3. YoungerDryas says:

    This is a great episode. While presenting the data in a clear manner both Tony and Malcolm come across as honest and caring.

  4. mddwave says:

    In the video, you discussed that fossil fuels in the ground being extracted.

    I can’t help think of the non fossil fuels such as limestone. In northern Utah, I impressed that most of Logan canyon is limestone. I suspect most of the worlds terrestrial carbon is in limestone.

  5. Two totally HONEST speakers – both of whom have “Done their homework” ….

    I need hardly say more!

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