“EV Car Mania May be Over”

“Electric car manufacturers in Europe are slowing down production because battery cars have proven too expensive for the middle class and the supply of lithium for their batteries is too uncertain.”

EV Car Mania May be Over, or at Least Slowing – IER

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6 Responses to “EV Car Mania May be Over”

  1. GWS says:

    Forcing someone to do anything does not go over well — you know what I mean if you have kids.

  2. Everybody wants to ‘save the planet’ until they discover what it will cost them personally, then they are motivated to look at the ‘accepted science’ and discover for themselves what utter nonsense it is. As long as it is at somebody else’s expense the zealots will protest and deface paintings.

  3. info says:

    Excellent! So the planis working fine.
    With the ban on normal cars arriving soon, less cars for the cockroach people all around and the deindustrialisation is on schedule as well.
    Remember: You will own nothing, and they will be happy.
    And you can do all that just by making everything unaffordable for everyone but the 1%.

  4. arn says:

    Well,you can’t destroy the economy with high energy prices and then expect people to buy an expensive inferior product.
    The feeling of not being poor by not buying an overpriced EV
    is way better and more real than the feeling of saving the climate.

  5. Gamecock says:

    “Electric car manufacturers in Europe are slowing down production because battery cars have proven too expensive for the middle class”

    BS. They were always too expensive for the middle class. This stupid headline is parroted from the British press. IER is stupid.

    ‘Of more than 900 auto executives surveyed internationally, 76 percent believe that inflation and high-interest rates will slow sales’

    There’s your reason: slower sales.

  6. Gamecock says:


    Gamecock was at Ford dealership the other day, and noticed an F-150 “Lightning” in the showroom. “Hood” was up, showing storage where a fine V-8 should be. Powerful visual.

    Sticker: $93,000.

    Got on the internet back home, and found sticker for a comparable, gas powered F-150 is $76,000 (!).

    Premium for electric is $17,000. (Plus a couple thousand for charger install.)

    A few years ago, the extra cost of electric was around 6k. A year or two ago, it had grown to 10k. And now, with the Ford at least, it is 17k.

    The premium is growing rapidly! The electric premium is approaching the cost of a whole nother car.

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