Global Warming Makes California Too Wet

The New York Times says California is too wet because of global warming.

“As global warming brings more intense rainfall, experts say the state needs to give rivers more room to flood safely.”

California Storms Test State’s Approach to Controlling Weather – The New York Times

During the winter of 1861-1862 San Francisco received almost 50 inches of rain.


“a tremendous amount of rain was dumped on an area of California’s Central Valley that measured 300 miles long and 20 miles wide. This flood literally bankrupted the state”

Central Valley, California, 1861-62 – Top 10 Historic U.S. Floods – TIME

“as Steinbeck indicated, society has collectively “lost its memory” of the earth’s climatic past. The worst flood in recorded history in the West diluvial disaster turned enormous occurred in the winter of 1861-62. This into inland seas for months.”

The West Without Water – Google Books

20 Jan 1862, 1 – Daily Missouri Republican at

28 Jan 1862, Page 3 – Newbern Weekly Progress at

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