Iceland’s “Coldest December for 50 years”

“Last December was the coldest December in the country since 1973, or for almost half a century ago, with an average temperature in the country -4.0 degrees Celsius or 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Coldest December for 50 years – Iceland Monitor

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8 Responses to Iceland’s “Coldest December for 50 years”

  1. Disillusioned says:

    Athough it may seem contrary to all of our past projections, all that cold is caused by global warming, of course. Do not trust your own eyes and ears. Trust “The Science”.

  2. GWS says:

    Can this stop Mann’s stick from rising?

    • conrad ziefle says:

      Well the thing that us climate scientists understand, which you don’t is that CO2 molecules are tiny nuclear reactors that have the unique ability to reverse the polarity of their electron spin, changing their innate Rankine Cycle circuitry from heat pump to refrigeration cycle. They do this in unison under the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, which is transformed at every solstice. The result is the Mann gyration which can be seen here:
      , and for which he is expected, in 2o23, to receive the Nobel Prize in voodoo physics.

  3. Caleb Shaw says:

    Thanks for publishing news like this. I used to go to the Ice Age Now site for news items of this sort. Poor Robert Felix is sorely missed. But he was the first person I had any sort of relationship with who took the vaccine and swiftly suffered drastic changes in his health, resulting in death.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Caleb, thank you for filling in the gap for me about Robert Felix. I knew he had died, but I did not know why. Yes, he was on top of posting cold weather events around the globe.

      Before I became disillusioned, Robert was the first person I heard on the radio talking about AGW being a hoax. That interview started me thinking and questioning, which eventually took me down my path toward disillusionment. I bought both of his books* and frequented his site early on.

      *I don’t want to ever experience the kind of flash cold and snow that froze Mammoths standing still with undigested vegetation in their gullets and stomachs. I am grateful to have lived/to be living in a relatively mild epoch.

    • Dean says:

      Definitely missed. I wish there had been some provision to keep his Website up and running. I didn’t know he took the bioweapon. I’m amazed he would since the same groups are behind both frauds/control mechanisms.

  4. Jack the Insider says:

    Funny how in 2022 there were so many reports of the “coldest ever” across the world, reports of heavy snow where it rarely snows, and yet it was still the hottest year ever according to the “so called” experts in charge of making these determinations. I know where i live in Queensland, Australia it was an incredibly mild year nowhere near as hot as it normally gets. My power bill for running the air conditioner confirms this. Common sense tells you the authorities are lying.

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