Masked Bandit

In 2012, Donald Trump said the Chinese were behind the global warming scam.  China has pumped millions of dollars into the University of Pennsylvania where Michael Mann works.

Chinese donors funneled millions into university running Penn Biden Center during Biden presidency: report | Fox News

Climate scientist Michael Mann to join Penn faculty, lead new center for climate media | The Daily Pennsylvanian

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9 Responses to Masked Bandit

  1. Richard says:

    the CROOKS paying for more CROOKS to propagate the lie of Global WHATEVER

  2. Jim Trenz says:

    Mann is unfortunately at Penn State, not Penn

  3. Russell Cook says:

    I’ve long thought Trump’s China angle in his 2012 Tweet was way over the top, but considering all the shenanigans going on with the BidenPenn Center and all the cash flowing around in the enviro mob combined with their love of all things ChineseCommunist, one begins to wonder how prescient Trump might have been ….

    • gronimo says:

      Not prescient. He had the intelligence (as in military intelligence), facts and receipts. It’s not devination when you KNOW what they’re doing.

  4. Since when was ‘media’ a branch of science? The last time I looked it came under the heading ‘propaganda’.

  5. Bob G says:

    I’m pleased to see that Michael Mann is wearing appropriate gear for his profession – a mask, as that is appropriate attire for a crook. 😁. what’s the latest on Mark Stein and Michael Mann’s Court battle? will we all live long enough to see a verdict in that? lol

  6. Guy Liardet says:

    Mann is ‘distinguished’ as the lead author in the Climategate fraud which did so much harm to science. But the UK’s BBC continues to whitewash the scandal, putting up Mann with David Attenborough in a recent propaganda TV prog called ‘Climate Change – The Facts’. Which was of course a travesty

  7. toorightmate says:

    Biden Centre AND Michael Mann – what a quinella!!!!!!!!
    The Uni of very limited choice.

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