Record Cold In China

“The temperature in Mohe, a city in northern China’s Heilongjiang province, dropped to -53C (-63.4F) on Jan. 22, according to a post published on the official social media account of the Heilongjiang Meteorological Bureau. That beat the country’s previous record low of -52.3C (-62.1F), which occurred in 1969.”

Chinese City Experiences Coldest Temperature in Nation’s Records – BNN Bloomberg

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  1. Caleb Shaw says:

    This is another news item that reminds me of Robert Felix’s “Ice Age Now” site. I think nothing flies in the face of -bleeps- like Al Gore, and their talk of “boiling oceans”, than some news of record cold. I hope you won’t mind if I link to this item, and your news item about Iceland, as I construct a post which I think I’ll call “Remembering Robert”.

    Here we actually have had temperatures a bit above normal, but in New Hampshire in January above normal is still below freezing, and schools here were cancelled today due to snow. I built a very nice igloo for the kids.

  2. arn says:

    Because global warming Snow is a thing of the past
    while at the same time it causes extreme weather events like record cold temperatures which somehow leads to more snow – except in Greenland and Antarctica as those places are melting.
    And the increase of the most extreme of all weathers – more less hurricanes .

    So far so bad – but now I really wonder how they were able to determine that heatwaves are nowadays 5 – 10 times more intense in Europe than a hundred years ago.
    What are the exact parameters to prove the increase in intensity?
    How is this measured? In energy units,Lux,length of drought?
    How can warming that results in more snow from the past ,
    and therefore in more rain and moisture
    increase the intensity of droughts?
    Does 10* more intensity mean that a single dry day in 2022 was able to do as much damage to flora as 10 days in 1922?
    How was it even possible for humans to adjust to such a massive change in such a short timeframe.But they did without even realising.
    Wouldn’t 10* more mean that Europe is now suffering from worse heatwaves than Africa did 100 years ago?
    Why was the average life expectancy for the first European travellers in the southern parts of Africa only 11 month – the lack of intense weather and the perfect climate must have killed them fast.
    Do they even have enough data from 100 years ago to make such a bold claim?

  3. Jack the Insider says:

    Cooking the Climate in Sydney.

    The location of the Stevenson Screen that records Sydney’s temperatures has recently been moved. From October 2017 to August 2020 ‘parallel’ measurements were recorded at both locations. For January 2020, the new location recorded temperatures up to 3.2°C hotter – averaging an increase of 0.9°C for the maximum temperature for the month. The most likely explanation for the hotter recordings at the new location is the historic house with an iron veranda and slate roof directly to the south of the Stevenson Screen reflecting heat back at the hottest period of the day.

    A great way to create headlines of a new “hottest day ever’’.

    If you also take into consideration they reduced the size of the Stevenson Screen – with the smaller screen known to record temperatures 1.7°C hotter in summer – Sydney doesn’t experience the heat today that previous generations lived through.

  4. Gamecock says:

    Just weather.

    Remember, cold is weather and hot is climate.

  5. conrad ziefle says:

    And we know that China has records that go back 1000s of years. So there is the proof against global warming and for the Little Ice Pause Theory.

  6. Greg in NZ says:

    Bloomburger’s last paragraph is a hoot! Forget the frozen bodies – everywhere is hotter than everywhere else: panic! And send MONEY! The more filthy lucre the better. Scum.

  7. dm says:

    Record COLD where FOSSIL FUEL burning increased profoundly over the prior 30-40 years. And, the equilibrium response to a change in atmospheric CO2 concentration occurs about 30 yrs later.

    REALITY again challenges Mann-made warming alarmists;-}

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