Ten Years Since The End Of Arctic Sea Ice

Why Arctic sea ice will vanish in 2013 | Sierra Club Canada

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5 Responses to Ten Years Since The End Of Arctic Sea Ice

  1. Rowland P says:

    No, it is now going to disappear by 2040 according to somebody on the BBC today!

  2. Disillusioned says:

    I never cared for that unapologetic clown.
    He was cocksure all those normal cracks in the ice meant it would all melt by end of summer.
    I remember when he posted the article. I also remember the Sierra Slub Canada quietly took it down. Mea culpa isn’t in the vocabulary of globalist NGOs.

    • GWS says:

      So true! I’ve never heard one of these “experts” apologize for stoking fear among the people with their panic stricken prognostications that failed to materialize.

  3. arn says:

    “Why a bastard like me still has his superflous job in 2023?
    The MiC stays relevant by creating fake scenarios to get war after war after war.
    The climate parasites can live a wonderful life by predicting fake scenarios too.
    With absolutely no proof that stable climate existed during the last 11000 years I simply lie and pull things out of my ass to stay relevant
    while in fact the great (biblical) flood which is known in many cultures is supposed to have happened 7000- 8000 years ago and a massive flood has hit china 2000BC
    and several ancient cities exist that are now underwater as result of 11000 years of stable climate.
    Reality is that nowadays,
    especially since the global warming scare started we have the lowest earth population : natural desaster victim ratio in human history.
    And the ever invreasing yields of crop,rice etcetc have proven that the current climate is extremely reliable and stable.
    In a global climate full of droughts and flood and disruptions the food production of 2023 would be way below the level of the stable 1980 climate and famines like 1985 in Ethiopia would be the world wide rule,
    but today they only exist as result of sabotaging fertilizer supply or
    wars made by Nobel Peace Price laureates in Ethiopia or future Nobel Peace Price laureates in Ukraine.
    Climate is in fact so stable that neither arctic sea ice is vanishing nor are the sea levels rising and that the predicted massive increase of hurricanes resulted in such long absence of superstorms that we had been exploiting an average one in 2022 to the max to push the AGW.
    But thanks god we finally created and released a potent virus in 2019.
    Since then we can attack the global populations mind from 2 fronts”

    Paul Beckwith

  4. Peter Carroll says:

    A stable climate for 11,000 years? I suppose it has been “stable”, if you ignore the Minoan Warm period and subsequent cold period. Then the Roman Warm Period, the Dark Ages Cooling, the Medieval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age and now our current warm period.
    Also, with all these past fluctuations in temperature, why havent they been labelled, climate change?

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