Journalism Past Its Final Decades

The Associated Press says the burning of fossil fuels has melted the Austrian Alps, and they have pictures to prove it.

In the warming Alps, Austria’s melting glaciers are in their final decades | AP News

They forgot to mention that most of the melting occurred before 1950.

National Geographic Magazine Archive

They also forgot to mention the glaciers were disappearing during the 19th century.

16 Aug 1902 – Alpine Glaciers Disappearing. – Trove

22 Oct 1903, 2 – The Newton Journal at

Thirty-eight percent of cars were electric at that time.

38% Of American Cars Were Electric In 1900 – CleanTechnica

26 Jul 1905, Page 1 – The Topeka Daily Capital at

28 Sep 1910 – RECEDING GLACIERS. – Trove

“It appears that, save over a small area, the glaciers of the world are retreating to the mountains. The Arapahoe glacier in the Rockies has been melting at a rapid rate for several years. The glacier on Mount Sarmiento in South America. ; which descended into the sea during the last century, is now separated from the shore by a vigorous growth of timber The Jacobshaven glacier in Greenland hat* retreated four miles since the year 1860, and the East glacier in Spitzbergen is more than a mile away from its old terminal moraine. In Scandinavia the s:now line is farther up the mountains, and the glaciers have withdrawn 3,000 feet from the lowlands in a century In the Eastern Alps and one or two other small districts the glaciers are growing.”

Sausalito News 30 November 1912 — California Digital Newspaper Collection

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