Not A Billion Dollar Disaster

NOAA uses “billion dollar disasters” as a climate metric, because population growth and inflation give them one more way to create completely fake climate statistics.

“333 Dead as Floods Hit Barcelona Area; At Least 1,000 Hurt

By The Associated Press,
BARCELONA, Spain, Thursday, Sept. 27, 1962—Flash floods, from drought-breaking rain-storms tore through industrial centers of the Barcelona area early yesterday, killing hundreds of persons and destroying many factories, homes and bridges. Today, 24 hours later, unofficial estimates placed the death toll at 350 to 400. Latest official reports said at least 333 bodies had been recovered. The injured totaled at least 1,000.

Damage estimates ranged above $80,000,000, More than 1,500 homes were swept away. Twenty-five factories were destroyed and 50 others badly, damaged. An estimated 15,000 workers were left without jobs.

Mass Burials Planned
Stunned and homeless survivors sadly made plans for mass burials during the day.”

TimesMachine: September 27, 1962 –

“Chicago Tribune
27 Sep 1962, Thu – Page 3

Floods in Greece

ATHENS, Sept. 26 (#i—Two thousand persons were reported homeless today in two Greek villages in the Larissa area which were flooded when an irrigation dam on the Pinios river cracked after big rains. Urgent requests for medical supplies, food, and tents were received from the stricken area. Wide- spread areas of Greece reported floods.”

27 Sep 1962, 3 – Chicago Tribune at

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