Beam Me Up Scotty

Captain Kirk says global warming will kill us all very quickly.

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12 Responses to Beam Me Up Scotty

  1. Richard E Fritz says:

    tell a lie LONG Enough the masses will believe like X FILES

  2. Billyjack says:

    Shatner & King Charles actually make Kerry & Greta look intelligent.

  3. Florida Vermont says:

    Watching Canadians decry Global Warming never gets old.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    The good thing is, natural CO2 outgassing from volcanoes, fissures, the ground and the oceans is much, much greater than the human tiny human contribution of CO2, and this natural outgassing will continue to outpace all of the crazy-expensive-efforts-for-naught of the alarmunist cabal to try and lock Mother Nature’s atmosphere into a set number for atmospheric CO2. As long as we are in this interglacial, natural outgassing will continue to bring earth back to more beneficial atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide.

    So, life-providing carbon dioxide should continue to increase its concentration in the atmosphere, regardless of “stupid human” tricks and opinions of those like Captain Jerk, Cavalier King Charles and the rest of the carbon neutral fools.

    The bad news is, their alarmunist cabal will continue their efforts which will likely skyrocket gas, oil and electricity prices. Meanwhile, China and Russia – who understand that the climate scam is a scam (and have no love for the U.S. and the West) – are building up their energy infrastructures securely for the long haul. The push of the woke West for carbon neutrality is not only insanely irresponsible, it is evil.

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      “As long as we are in this interglacial, natural outgassing will continue to bring earth back to more beneficial atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide.”

      Yes, and lucky for us as well as the rest of planet Earth. During the last ice age, CO2 levels fell to ~185 ppm. If/when CO2 levels fall below ~150 ppm, terrestrial plants die. We literally came within a gnat’s ass of becoming extinct.

      And what about carbon sequestration? Take a look at the immense coal & limestone deposits around the world. Limestone is ~45% by weight CO2, while dolostone is ~24%. Through time, shelled marine organisms remove CO2 from the oceans, (which absorb it from the atmosphere) to make their shells. When they first appeared, atmospheric CO2 was ~7000 ppm, but by ~1000 years ago, it was only ~185 ppm. So in ~500 million years, shelled marine organisms (& coal producing plants) removed enough CO2 from the atmosphere to lower atmospheric concentrations from ~7000 ppm to less than 200. And nearly all of that CO2 is sequestered around us as limestone & dolostone.

      Carbon sequestration is stupid and unnecessary. Plants and marine organisms already do it far better than we ever will!

      • arn says:

        And if 185 ppm were the lowest level, while we had levels north of 5000 ppm,
        this also means that we are still very close to the lowest levels of CO2 (and therefore warming, for those who believe in it)
        and very far away from the top.

        We are literally still scratching the bottom and are far away from a healthy safe CO2 level.
        Therefore – the bigger the CO2 output, the better for the life for the next millions of years.

  5. A life time spent with the made up science of Star Trek renders you vulnerable to all kinds of made up ‘science’.

  6. Timo, not that one! says:

    Amazing how people can still believe in Warmunism even though none of the doomsday predictions, of the last half century, have come true.
    That is strong Faith.

    • Billyjack says:

      One would have an easier time arguing the veracity of the virgin birth with an Evangelical than refute the government gospel that the “woke again” flock of the Church of Warming accept without question.

  7. conrad ziefle says:

    Lindzen said that 5000ppm is considered acceptable on the space shuttle. While that is not the same as in the atmosphere, it does show that we will not gasp to death from large amounts of CO2.

  8. Dayna says:

    Well that’s a relief! Better that than our governments killing us slowly.

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