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Protecting Prairie Dogs

“Researchers from the University of Colorado and Kansas State University have been awarded a grant for more than $850,000 to study the impacts of climate change on prairie dogs in the Boulder area.” CU to study impact of climate change … Continue reading

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Hottest Year Ever

Sea ice extent in both hemispheres is higher than it was in 2005. Index of /NOAA/G02135/

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“remain always a child”

Climate superstitions are nothing new, and are based on a lack of knowledge of both science and history

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Hottest Year Ever

Global sea ice extent is declining at a record slow rate. Experts say it is the hottest year ever.

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Democracy Expert Michael Mann

According to Michael Mann, communism is necessary to maintain democracy.

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Record Heat Of Late September 1953

“Midwest Swelters In Unusual Fall Heat Wave By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS An unprecedented autumn heat Wave seared a large area of the ‘mid-continent like a blast from summer’s weather oven Tuesday. ‘Old heat records were vaporized into oblivion. The mercury … Continue reading

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Global Warming Vs. Climate Change

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New York Times Rewriting Their History

The New York Times published this graph today showing the opposite of past issues. NYT#NYTimes#12-29-2023#NewYork#1#A1#1#203745 “Warming? Tree Rings Say Not Yet” Dec. 1, 1992 In Unexpected Places, Clues to Ancient and Future Climate; Warming? Tree Rings Say Not Yet – … Continue reading

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The World’s Smartest Person

A five sigma climate misinformation event from academia and the Australian Broadcast Corporation.  

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Settled Science

At 5:42 PM, the Green District Councillor in Essex said “CO2 is the main driver of global warming.”  At 6:29 PM he said “Ice ages are driven by the MK Mechanism. CO2 responds to that and acts as an amplifier.”

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