Carbon Negative Wyoming

Wyoming is the top coal producing state in the US.  The governor wants to make the state “carbon negative.”

“Gov. Mark Gordon is under fire from the Wyoming Freedom Caucus for comments he made about the state’s energy goals during a visit to Harvard University earlier this week.

During his talk at the East Coast school, Gordon said Wyoming needs to urgently address climate change by going “carbon negative.”

Freedom Caucus Slams Gordon For Climate Change Remarks At Harvard Visit | Your Wyoming News Source

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2 Responses to Carbon Negative Wyoming

  1. shawn marshall says:

    thanks for all the impoertant swork you do.
    i recall you had provided a routine to plot days above 90 degrees at local weather stations.
    is this still available?

  2. GW says:

    I hope Wyoming still has the ability to get rid of this MoFo POS at the very next gubernatorial opportunity !

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