The World Doesn’t Care About The Climate Scam

Before booking your long-haul flight to the UAE for COP28, make sure you use the “Low Carbon Version” of their website.

COP28 UAE – United Nations Climate Change Conference

The US and Europe could drop off the map, and it would have no impact on the growth of coal around the world.

Electricity generation from coal

And oil production in the UAE continues to skyrocket.

Oil production

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4 Responses to The World Doesn’t Care About The Climate Scam

  1. Peter Carroll says:

    COP. (Pick a number). Coalition Of Parasites, all eagerly wanting to stick their greedy snouts into the through of taxpayer funded subsidies, to gorge themselves to untold profits.

  2. D. Boss says:

    That one almost got past me… There really is a switch on the webpage to go to a low carbon version? Hilarious indeed! Server farms are in fact huge consumers of power, and nothing you can do on a web page can reduce that power consumption.

    And in fact all the ballyhoo about the 70,000 hypocrites going to this COP conference in private jets is also laugh. I mean really folks on this side of the argument are misguided.

    There were 5.5 million flights of private jets in 2022. A few hundred private jet flights to the mideast for a climate cult conference is perhaps 0.003% of the total private jet flights per year. AND the ballyhoo does not understand that the operators of those private jets would still be flying them whether they went to the UAE for a climate cult conference or not.

    My point is you can criticize the hypocrites who fly private jets to a conference that has the goal of eliminating hydrocarbon fuels all you want, but don’t conflate private jet travel with that criticism. Private jet travel is a serious part of the global economy and won’t change one bit if all these hypocrites stopped going to dumba$$ conferences. (same for commercial air travel, where there are 35 million flights per year and rising globally)

    These idiots are leading a suicide cult by saying we need to become carbon free. Life is carbon based, and without CO2 in the atmosphere, there would be no life. Correction without at least 180 ppm of CO2, all life ceases because that is the level below which plants die.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    These idiots are leading a suicide cult by saying we need to become carbon free.

    As the leader of Jonestown did to his followers, sure, they are actively chipping away at your money, your rights, your freedoms (in addition to limiting your ability to heat and cook with fossil fuels). But it is no suicide cult. The difference is, Reverend Jones was one of the participants in a mass suicide.

    ‘These idiots’ have no plan for a mass suicide (at least not the Cabal elite, who know beyond a shadow of any doubt that CO2 is innocuous and is beneficially necessary for life). No, they are planning mass murder. Plandemics, CO2-caused global warming are some major scapegoats in their plans, which involve transferring your wealth into their pockets. Not suicide; the Cabal plan to be around, living better than ever long after we are gone. A New World Order. At least, that’s their plan.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    The Jonestown analogy is a good one. The entire equity movement is mass formation psychosis. They don’t believe in God because Darwin proved He is a fantasy. But they don’t believe in natural selection because it is counter to their doctrine of equity. In a collection of people, the genetically superior person would rise to a better position and provide greater benefit to the entire society. This is not always true, but it only needs to be true more often than not. But in a Marxist society few benefit from those with superior intellect. Again, not always, but more often than not. Society is injured by equity treatment, it dampens, rather than nurtures, innovation and distribution of benefits.

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