“Unvaccinated footballers are putting lives at risk”

A reminder that the press are prostitutes for big business and big government.

Unvaccinated footballers are putting lives at risk. Is it time to stop picking them? | Soccer | The Guardian

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2 Responses to “Unvaccinated footballers are putting lives at risk”

  1. arn says:

    There is this tennis player who refused to get vaccinated.

    Now he is kicking butts at the ancient age of 36 like noone ever before.
    I wonder if hecwould have been so dominant if his opponents skills were not ‘nerfed’ by the vaccines?

  2. Disillusioned says:

    Recently I saw a list of celebrities who had died over the past couple years, all much younger age than demographic life span averages. We all know, of course, that those untimely deaths had nothing to do with rushed, experimental ‘vaccines’ and/or the subsequent ‘boosters, because our doctors, the CDC, FDA, the Bribem administration and the mockingbird media all informed us there is no proof. Any inexplicable, anomalous loss of life is just co-inkydink.

    So, be good sheeple and trust the consensus of all those working in tandem with or for BigBrother, and obey those new ad campaigns and get your annual flu shot, the new ‘updated’ Covid vaccine, your shingles vaccine… and the new RSV vaccine. /s

    (Seriously, anyone noticed what happened to the BigPfarma stock over the past year? At close to half the price it was a year ago, The Motley Fool says it’s a bargain. Vaccine hesitancy?)

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