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Thanks to the heroic efforts of American Cloud, almost all of the malicious damage to this website done by the previous hosting service has been reversed.  Old posts are restored and the search widget is again functional. There are still some missing images but I believe those will get fixed as well.

American Cloud

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19 Responses to Website Restored

  1. Disillusioned says:


    Doesn’t appear restored to me. Those links at the top are old ones from the stevengoddard site – your bio is old, you were living in Maryland. The comments, except for the four most recent are also from the old sister site. Now, all of our recent comments from this site are gone.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      There may be some loose ends that have to be ironed out. I miss my very important pontifications as well. I’m thinking that we’ll learn more in a few days. Softwarie things are like nailing jelly to a tree, they are hair pulling.

    • Tony Heller says:

      About 40,000 blog posts have been restored and the search works. That is quite significant.

      • conrad ziefle says:

        Yes, thank you and your associates. Those old posts have lots of valuable information in them. I’ll try the search engine.
        Thanks for hanging in there and continuing our education.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Yes, that is certainly significant! I saw the older format resurrected (which I like), the comments of readers from the other site, missing comments at this one and was jumping to a conclusion. Your posts/data are the most important and I am glad you got them back for us all. Thank you very much for all you do, Tony.

      • The underpinning facts of the climate hoax remain unchanged, so posts from years ago remain just as relevant, all we are missing is the response to the current absurdities of the climate con-men. Likewise the Laws of Thermodynamics are not a matter of fashion, even though the climate scientists seem to believe their crackpot theory is somehow exempt. Social media is awash with the transient and the ephemeral, which tends to swamp the eternal truths in irritating prattle and noise.

  2. Disillusioned says:

    Seriously, it appears to be a copy of the old site – not a restoration of the newer site that was sabotaged. Those commenters are not from this site (Morgan, savenergy, fhsiv, etc.). Same with top links. Tony added new links when he began the new site, I forget now, but it was around 2015 or so when he started the new site. It is not about grieving missing pontifications. (But that was funny ?.)

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Conrad, I am glad Tony went back to the original site format (which he never took down). I never did like the new website, which had delays and didn’t seem stable. I recall him saying when he started that new website that he was going to keep the old one for all of that data that was on it. And I used to go back there from time to time to look up old posts. Well they’re here now.

    And maybe you’re right, Maybe that the missing data from the newer website will appear. We will see.

  4. Russell Cook says:

    Aha, this also seems to explain the sudden appearance of the “Cloud Flare” page which was demanding to know if I was human. Takes several attempts for it to accept my computer, and yesterday, the only result it was giving was just the header area and a blank page for the site with the words “Error establishing a database connection.” After I alerted Tony about this odd new situation, he reassured me that the site should be working again, and it was, but some bugs may persist until they are squashed.

    • Tony Heller says:

      Cloudfare is necessary because the blog is under a continuous denial of service attack.

      • Russell Cook says:

        No doubt. What would be particularly fabulous is if someone on the team dispatched to shut down your blog has a come-to-Jesus/God/Allah/other deity-moment and decides to clear his/her conscience and expose who it is that’s orchestrating these shutdown efforts. Or it would be equally funny if one of those attackers accidentally confessed somewhere how their plot works; those types are occasionally dumb enough to brag about what they do while thinking nobody from our side is watching.

  5. conrad ziefle says:

    I just put one of my favorite topics. “data tampering”, into the search engine and got posts all the way back to 2013, where I stopped. Who knows how far back they go beyond that. There are tons of old posts available. My only suggestion would be something that provides key words that one can click on and get all the articles on that topic. I know WordPress has that type of plugin because I have used it myself.

  6. Jack the Insider says:

    When the dust has settled Tony can you please resupply links to your Temperature and Hurricane/Cyclone tracking web sites.

  7. Bill Odom says:

    I still think you should sue the bastards.

  8. Jl says:

    Will the month by month archive section be returning?

  9. Frank says:

    Chris Keefer, the Toronto-based physician and founder of Canadians for Nuclear Energy, calls the electric grid a “civilizational life support system.”

  10. Ray Winchester says:

    hi Tony, I love jews like you. (Einstein). But I fucking hate greedy bastards in wall street and London. Anti cunt yes.
    I love japs Including your beautiful wife.
    Love you mate.

  11. I recently came across this – but the original is hard to find on the web – is it known to you and is it genuine: Your comment on it would be most welcomed. Perhaps this explains why countries like the UK are (slightly) backtracking on climate issues?

    Extreme Weather Assessment by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC)

    This from Chapter 12 of the UN IPCC Sixth Assessment Report finalised 13-19 March 2023, Page 90 of Chapter 12 Climate Change Information for Regional Impact and for Risk Assessment finalised . It essentially charts the UN IPCC’s assessment of the odds that each type of extreme weather is due to climate change.

    “As can be seen from the chart, there is no evidence of any increase or decrease, globally or by region, in the frequency, severity or extent of frost, mean precipitation, river floods, heavy precipitation and pluvial floods, landslides, aridity, hydrological drought, agricultural or ecological drought, fire weather or wildfires, mean wind speed, severe wind storms or tornados, tropical cyclones or hurricanes, sand and dust storms, snow glacial or ice sheets, heavy snowfall and ice storms, hail, snow avalanche, relative sea levels, coastal floods, coastal erosion, marine heatwaves, ocean acidity, air pollution weather or radiation at earth’s surface.”

    So, academics, scientists, the media or politicians who say otherwise are apparently being contradicted by the institution most identified with promoting catastrophic global warming, that is the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the IPCC.

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