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Burning Arctic

Experts say the Arctic is burning and the hot Arctic is making China freeze. Climate Reanalyzer Weakened polar vortex seen as likely culprit behind China’s big chill | Reuters Growth of Arctic sea ice during the first three weeks of … Continue reading

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Two Thousand Degrees Of Warming

Experts say burning fossil fuels will cause the oceans to boil away. “the scientist proposes that the complete evaporation of the oceans could result in a whopping 273 bars of surface pressure and temperatures above 2732°F.” “only a minimal rise … Continue reading

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Southwest Permanent Drought Update

Thirteen years ago President Clinton’s climate advisor announced the Southwest permanent drought based on a dust storm in Phoenix.  Since he made that announcement, Arizona has gotten wetter and is about to flood. Dust Storm Marks Beginning of Southwest’s “Permanent … Continue reading

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“a costly second fiddle to renewables”

The press corps in the United States has degenerated to a point where they make the old Soviet Pravda look like serious journalists.

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