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Ten Degrees Of Data Tampering

Thermometer data from ALBEMARLE, North Carolina shows a strong cooling trend, but NOAA tampers with the thermometer data to create a warming trend. This includes fabricating completely fake temperatures from 1895-1910.  Historical temperatures are cooled as much as 5.7F, and … Continue reading

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Six Degrees Of Data Tampering

Thermometer readings at rural Haverhill, Massachusetts show cooling, but NOAA tampers with the data to create a 4.3F/century warming trend. Older temperatures at Haverhill are cooled by 4.6F, and recent temperatures are warmed as much as 1.2F.  

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Kerry Upset

John Kerry and the Guardian are upset that people are exposing their nonstop flow of disinformation about climate. Demagogues imperilling global fight against climate breakdown, says Kerry | Climate crisis | The Guardian

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