Kerry Upset

John Kerry and the Guardian are upset that people are exposing their nonstop flow of disinformation about climate.

Demagogues imperilling global fight against climate breakdown, says Kerry | Climate crisis | The Guardian

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13 Responses to Kerry Upset

  1. The ‘political motivation’ to which Kerry refers is the desire to seek the truth through careful scientific research and open debate, concepts which terrify the likes of Kerry. Here we see projection in its purest form. What Kerry understands about basic thermodynamics can be written on the back of a postage stamp in very large print.

    The senior posts in academia and government establishments made their names by jumping on the global warming bandwagon, so this destructive narrative will not go away until the more junior scientists, who believe it less than I do, but must pay lip service to keep their jobs, take over.

    The jealous defence of the fairy tale is maintained by people who are otherwise unemployable, and wouldn’t last ten seconds working in the private sector, where performance, rather than mere inflated egos, it what is required.

  2. arn says:

    So private-Jet-John is using orwellian Alinsky tactics again
    by accusing others of scare tactics, demagoguery and disinformation – the very reason global warming is based on.

    Where is the demagoguery in opposing the forced transition?
    The whole AGW has been set up in favor of a demagogue, by emotionalising people
    and a pretended need for urgent action.

    As a decadelong politician who has used and supported demagoguery from a top level position (as secretary of state) to attack and destroy other countries based on disinformation and even false flags ( ‘Syrian’ gas attacks),fears and lies Kerry is in no position to use this term.

    And as an amateur in a scientific field that has been wrong 100% of the time (before adjustment) he is using fear,demagoguery and disinformation once again.
    And the reason he has his climate job now is not based on qualifications in the scientific field but based on the fact that he is so extremly competent in fear,demagoguery,disinformation and destroying sovereignty of countries.(as a former pseudo anti – war activist = the typical liberal hypocrite, who then marries the widow of a republican politician because she is a billionaire)

  3. Petit_Barde says:

    Global fight against “climate breakdown” :

    Before anything, Kerry should show the data supporting a “climate crisis / breakdown”.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Exactly. Of course, we know Kerry’s script writers will never provide him with anything close to that.

      But, that term – “climate breakdown”? Isn’t it fascinating how the Cabal continue to pivot and add new politically-motivated sciency (and some scientific) terms to fearmonger the same-ole, same-ole? We have climate crisis, climate emergency, climate breakdown, mass extinction event, extreme weather event, polar vortex, atmospheric river, megadrought, megafire… and that list goes on and gets longer every year. On top of those, they add in the purely political terms – ecoanxiety, climate justice … and that list goes on and on.

      They must have their glossary of climate punch terms pre-planned well in advance – ready to roll out new ones to keep the masses frightened and submissive (along with their [pre]planned-demic crises, wars, economic crises etc.).

  4. Al Shelton says:

    know that I have said this before, but I will say it again;
    You can lead horse-face Kerry to facts, but you can’t make him think.
    Trump has got to get elected, and really drain the swamp completely.
    Not just throw out a few swamp critters that get replaced by more RINOs .
    Get those that are tampering with data onto the carpet and have them try and prove their fraudulent claims.
    If they cannot [which is a given], then fire the bas**rds .

    • David More says:

      One End of the Horsey Face – “People are not being told the truth about what the impacts are from making this transition [to net zero greenhouse gas emissions],” he said. “They’re being scared, purposely frightened by the demagoguery that is oblivious to the facts or distorting the facts. And in some cases outright lying is going on.”

      Answer. “Well Stop Doing in Now, JohnBoy.”

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I was they were demagogues, because then they might have more influence. the only demagogues I know are attacking and imprisoning people who disagree with them.

    • I have yet to find a ‘denier’ who calls for imprisonment of their opponents. Indeed, it is the alarmists who are inflicting real harm, by the enormous actual damage (not speculated damage) they are inflicting on society by the destruction of industry and agriculture. Charges of treason, if not democide, come to mind.

      • We are past fraud, but in the realm of high treason, which is why the guilty parties are doubling down on the climate hoax nonsense.

      • Disillusioned says:

        I have yet to find a ‘denier’ who calls for imprisonment of their opponents.

        I have here on these threads – for actual crimes committed – not merely because they are opponents. We can begin with the data destruction thugs at NOAA, GISS and their sister agencies around the globe. Then go after the thugs at the UN, WEF and their puppets in governments pushing for the destruction of energy infrastuctures and economies, all of it based on massive fraud. It is way past time to arrest and prosecute.

  6. James Snook says:

    A moronic but dangerous ideologue.

  7. Richard E Fritz says:

    Good old horse face- only politician to find 3 purple hearts hidden in Vietnam as IF his Lord of the Rings buddies at Yale would not promote each other in war- this happened 100s of times since WWI
    I’m not generally a big believer in condemning people for the sins of their forefathers or for their family background, provided it’s not too outlandish. However, when it comes to world leaders born of wealth or privilege, it’s worthwhile to pause and evaluate their history.Where the story gets interesting is with Kerry’s grandparents — more specifically, his Brahmin mother’s side, the Forbes family. The history of his maternal great grandfather, Francis Forbes, is largely scrubbed and highly disingenuous. For example, he’s often cited as a “China merchant,” when in actuality he was an opium dealer operating in China.- SO another LYING politician who married MONEY not once but twice- this crap weasel has never toiled in his life

  8. spren says:

    In that photo, Lurch looks like he’s already been dead for several years but no one bothered to tell him.

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