Climate Misinformation

The academic community is demanding censorship of the Climate Movie, and they appear to have had some success in that regard.  Meanwhile, the Washington Post confirms one of the central themes of the movie – that charged particles have a large impact on earth’s temperatures.


“Northern Lights slash a surprising amount of winter energy bills. Here’s why.

High aurora activity can cause temperatures to rise and decrease energy consumption, according to a study conducted in Finland

By Kasha Patel
March 23, 2024 at 10:47 a.m. EDT

Over many Finnish winters, scientist Timo Asikainen made an observation in his grandma’s old house common to many: when it was cold, money spent on electricity went up. It turns out, though, those cold spells and his energy bills were influenced by an unexpected source in plain sight, the aurora borealis.

More than 90 million miles away from Earth, the sun is constantly spewing out charged particles in our direction, sometimes triggering the ultimate celestial light show — an aurora, also known as the northern and southern lights. Now, Finnish scientists have determined that such strong geomagnetic activity around the country can cause warmer weather and lower electricity consumption over a winter season.

In a new study, Asikainen and his graduate student Veera Juntunen found that auroral activity altered electricity consumption by as much as 14 percent in Finland. Very high geomagnetic activity led to a reduction of as much as 600 gigawatt hours of consumption compared to when activity was average — about the monthly heating energy of about 330,000 Finnish households, Asikainen said.

“Never it has been really thought that this kind of space weather effect could influence electricity consumption,” said Juntunen, the study co-author and doctoral student at University of Oulu.

How auroras affect winter temperatures

Over the past decade, Asikainen, a researcher in the Space Climate group at the University of Oulu, and his colleagues have explored how space weather can affect our planet’s weather and climate. Space weather describes the space environment between the sun and Earth, which is influenced by the sun’s electrically charged particles and can impact our technologies.

But the new study is the first to show how this space weather can effect electricity consumption on Earth.

While the sun can influence Earth’s temperatures with its ultraviolet radiation, its stream of energetic particles can also affect other aspects of our weather system — including if cold blasts of air will escape from the Arctic.

Nobody knows all the nitty-gritty details yet, but Asikainen said the journey begins where our upper atmosphere meets space. Charged particles from the sun aimed at Earth can temporarily disturb the protective magnetic bubble surrounding our planet called the magnetosphere. Solar particles can travel along Earth’s magnetic field lines into our upper atmosphere, where it excites molecules and releases photons of light that we see as an aurora.”

Northern Lights slash a surprising amount of winter energy bills. Here’s why. – The Washington Post

This idea was understood a century ago, but climate academia has become too corrupt to do actual science.

Switzerland’s Lake Morat dried up.

04 Sep 1921, 61 – New York Herald at

This is what Lake Morat looks like now.

25 Jun 1921, Page 2 – The Indianapolis News at

There was a large solar storm on May 15 of that year.

The Great Storm of May 1921: An Exemplar of a Dangerous Space Weather Event – Hapgood – 2019 – Space Weather – Wiley Online Library

(PDF) The 1859 space weather event revisited: Limits of extreme activity

15 May 1921, 7 – Austin American-Statesman at

15 May 1921, 1 – Chattanooga Daily Times at

15 May 1921, 55 – The San Francisco Examiner at

The San Francisco Examiner  devoted three pages to an explanation of how the drought was linked to behavior of the planets and the sun.


1921 was the second warmest year on record in the US, prior to data tampering.

NASA 1999

NASA 2019

“Dust Cause of Ages of Cold

Dr. Harlow Shapley, Harvard Observatory Director, Discusses Climate Changes.

MYSTERY PUZZLE 10 SCIENCE Earth Cooled Off During Long Periods When Sun, Earth and Other Planets Passed Through Region of Dust Clouds.”

Dec 15, 1921, page 7 – The Dearborn County Register at

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22 Responses to Climate Misinformation

  1. arn says:

    Maybe this Supersmart Prof could tell us what about Climate – the movie is exactly is harmful ?
    Where was harm done?

    But it may be harmful to the Idea of going Net Zero and the real plan behind Net Zero, as I just found an interesting quote in a Jimmy Dore video from a leaked US intelligence email
    before the start of the war in Lybia and the real purpose of it and the targeting of civil infrastructure when there is no Green New Deal.

    “Since the 1st phase of the (great mans) river’s construction in 1991,
    Lybia’s population has doubled.
    Remove that river and, well , there would likely be a very rapid natural correction back to normal carrying capacities”

    • LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

      That “Supersmart Prof” isn’t so super-smart… he obviously knows maths, but he hasn’t the first faint clue about the fundamental physical laws. If he had, he’d have realized that the CAGW hypothesis implies rampant violations of 2LoT and Stefan’s Law.

      I sent him an email, along with my paper… if he’s got the intestinal fortitude to read it, the mental faculties to comprehend it, and the intellectual honesty to amend his now-nullified premise, we should see him do an about-face.

      I’m betting we don’t see that, though. He’s too emotionally-invested in his doomsaying viewpoint.

  2. From the giddy heights of professor of pseudo-science to the vocation he missed (e,g, janitor), is indeed harmful to an inflated ego, who can only win an argument by silencing the opposition.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Shameless! The professor (term often used by someone who teaches at a university but has no real standing, maybe even doesn’t have a PhD) doesn’t mind using a mob to silence his intellectual opponents. The PhD part not so much anymore as almost anyone, who has the money and staying power to get their PhD, can. Sounds more like a grand inquisitor.
    Possibly his effort will backfire. I’ve been pushing “Climate” to someone every day. Yesterday, I sent a news tip to Tucker Carlson, suggesting that he interview some of the lead voices on the show, or otherwise promote the show. I doubt they will listen to me, but you never know until you try. The day before, I made a similar suggestion to another conservative influencer with 350k followers. Again, who knows, but you have to try. I will continue to try to find a mass distribution source, but also I have sent to friends and others. The key is getting the information passed the gatekeepers and to the ignorant and mislead public, those who aren’t conservatives. They are the ones we have to reach.

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    BTW- Maybe the Professor can be reported on X, for posting an eXceptionally fascist attempt to suppress free speech.

  5. Francis Barnett says:

    This guy seems to be one and the same Eliot Jacobson – a kind of mathematical card sharp.

    “But Jacobson certainly knows how to make enemies. In the late 1990s, the former professor began parlaying his PhD in mathematics into a part-time career of counting cards and cracking casino games.”

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      My brother-in-law has a PhD in Math and is an active “Professor”. He can explain math very clearly, and it is a joy to listen to his explanations. Other than that, he is an idiot about every other thing in life. He refuses to listen to anything about which he has already formulated his opinion on, and if you present him with contrary facts, he’ll say that someone must have fudged them.

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      Card counting is more memory and having a rough understanding of probability. You don’t have to calculate the probability perfectly. Generally, it is focused on the tens and aces, but I suppose some people could count every denomination. I swear that the old folks in my family, who played cards all the time, could tell you what cards you had in your hand about halfway through a game.

  6. Robertvd says:

    A more active sun and Earth’s declining magnetic field. There must be a reason why people moved to caves to live in many moons ago.

    A long-term trend of an ongoing survey of solar radiation levels at the six different
    latitude sites in Great Britain (GB) is investigated. The network consists of three HPA
    sites at Chilton, Leeds and Glasgow and three Meteorological Office stations at
    Camborne, Kinloss and Lerwick. At each site in the network, measurements of solar
    ultraviolet radiation (UVR), including erythemally effective ultra violet radiation exposure (UVReff, 280–400 nm), UVA (320–400 nm) and photopically weighted visible radiation, have been measured simultaneously using a three detector measurement system.
    Overall, it has been found that UVReff and UVA measurements have indicated a
    statistically significant increasing linear trend between 1989 and 2008 in the UK with a mean rate of 0.23 kJ/m 2 eff./year (95% CI: 0.01-0.45) or 1.68% per year for the UVReff and 0.15 MJ/m2/year (95% CI: 0.05-0.25) or 1.36% per year for the UVA. Changes in UVReff solar radiation in relation with ozone depletion and sunshine hours in GB have been investigated. Although an increase in UVReff in response to decreasing ozone and increasing sunshine hours has been detected in GB, it is not statistically feasible to draw any conclusion regarding an underlying dependence of ozone concentration and
    sunshine hours on changes in UVReff in GB.

    • The idea that ozone ‘blocks’ UV is a myth, it is the same myth which gives rise to the nonsensical ‘greenhouse effect’. Gases absorb and re-radiate what they absorb . Particulate or water droplets reflect, gases do not. Ozone is formed by UV interacting with oxygen, it is unstable and decomposes releasing the energy in the IR band causing a rise in tropopause temperature of about 2 degrees C. If UV increases at the surface at the same time as a depletion in ozone, time is better spent seeking the underlying cause of both effects, because the basic physics indicates that it cannot be a simple direct effect.

      Like the climate hoax, the ozone narrative had powerful sponsors. It only really surfaced from the US aviation lobby as an excuse to kill the Concorde project back in the 1970s, even though people had been using freon in refrigerators and dry cleaned their clothes in carbon tetrachloride for years.

      • arn says:

        Funny note – All the ozone hole skin cancer fearporn and its caravan of experts (I remember as a child how they even claimed that fish are now getting more skin cancer as result) started to disappear after the mission was completed to ban CFC ‘s
        though the Ozone holes did not disappear.

        While I do not doubt that skin cancer in the western world increased during that time as result of black is beautiful PR , more sunbathing,shorter swimsuits and toxic sunblockers,
        I’m pretty sure the skin cancer avalanche caused by global warmi… Ozone holes never really happened, contrary to a massive to a massive increase in Autism,Bi Polar disorders, or recently hard diseases.

      • LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

        Solar insolation excited O3 collides with N2, exciting it to its N2{v1(1)} vibrational mode quantum state. The vibrationally-excited N2 collides with CO2 and excites it to its CO2{v3(1)} vibrational mode quantum state, whereupon it emits either:

        CO2{v3(1)} –> CO2{v20(2)} 9.40115 µm, 1063.7 cm-1
        CO2{v3(1)} –> CO2{v1(1)} 10.40583 µm, 961.0 cm-1

        (Wavelength dependent upon isotopic composition of the atoms comprising the CO2 molecule… heavier isotopes result in lower frequency, longer wavelength emission, and vice versa.)

        N2{v1(1)} and CO2{v3(1)} are very nearly resonant when accounting for N2 anharmonicity, centrifugal distortion and vibro-rotational interaction.

        It’s the same energy transfer interaction that occurs in CO2 lasers… the main difference being that the N2 is excited in a lasing tube via electron impact, whereas in the atmosphere, it’s excited via solar insolation.

        Due to the mean free path length / air density / altitude relation, the majority of the emitted radiation is upwelling because the upwelling MFPL is longer than the downwelling MFPL. The MFPL increases exponentially with an increase in altitude.

        This means that the solar insolation which O3 intercepts, transfers to N2, then transfers to CO2 doesn’t make it to the surface… common sense would dictate that with more CO2, there is a greater probability of N2{v1(1)} colliding with CO2{v20(0)}, exciting it to CO2{v3(1)}, then that energy being emitted to space… in other words, a higher atmospheric CO2 concentration acts as a RADIATIVE COOLANT.

        That’s exactly what the NASA SABER project showed… an increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration rejected massive amounts of energy to space, so cooling the mesosphere and thermosphere that thermal contraction has exacerbated the space junk problem by not dragging defunct satellites out of orbit as quickly.

        As the solar insolation is increasingly captured and rejected to space via this mechanism, the surface will likewise have lower solar insolation and will thus cool.

        On top of that, CO2, being a radiative polyatomic with relatively higher DOF (Degrees of Freedom) than the monoatomics and homonuclear diatomics, transits more energy than the monoatomics and homonuclear diatomics from surface to upper atmosphere, and (unlike the monoatomics and homonuclear diatomics) it can radiatively emit that energy… a higher atmospheric CO2 concentration is akin to increasing the ‘surface area’ by increasing the number of emitters, thus increasing the radiant flux to space, thus increasing cooling of the planet.

        IOW, the climastrologists, in misusing the S-B equation and the fundamental physical laws, have flipped reality on its head. Polyatomics are not “heat trapping, global warming” gases, the monoatomics and homonuclear diatomics are.

        In point of fact, water, far from the “global warming” gas claimed by the climastrologists, acts as a literal *refrigerant* (in the strict ‘refrigeration cycle’ sense) below the tropopause:

        The refrigeration cycle (Earth) [AC system]:

        A liquid evaporates at the heat source (the surface) [in the evaporator], it is transported (convected) [via an AC compressor], it gives up its energy to the heat sink and undergoes phase change (emits radiation in the upper atmosphere, the majority of which is upwelling owing to the mean free path length / altitude / air density relation) [in the condenser], it is transported (falls as rain or snow) [via that AC compressor], and the cycle repeats.

        In short, in an atmosphere sufficiently dense such that collisional energy transfer can significantly occur, all polyatomic radiative molecules play the part of atmospheric radiative coolants at and above the temperature at which the combined translational mode energy of two colliding particles (atoms or molecules) exceeds the lowest excited vibrational mode quantum state energy of the radiative molecule. Below this temperature, they act to warm the atmosphere via thermalization (the mechanism the climate alarmists claim happens all the time), but if that occurs below the tropopause, the net result is an increase of Convective Available Potential Energy, which increases convection, which is a net cooling process. It is a gradation… as temperature increases, so too does the population of vibrationally excited polyatomics, and thus increases radiative emission. For CO2, that ‘transition temperature’ (the temperature at which the molecule transitions from being ‘net warmant’ to ‘net coolant’ and vice versa) is ~288 K.

        You will note that while the graphic above only addresses CO2 and N2, the same applies to all atmospheric gases due to the Equipartition Theorem.

        The Boltzmann Factor (for air at 288 K and for the combined translation mode (kinetic) energy of two colliding particles (atoms or molecules) necessary to excite CO2’s lowest vibrational mode quantum state) is ~0.8461… in other words, for every 100 air particles at the Most Probable Speed (MPS), ~84 other particles will have sufficient combined translational mode (kinetic) energy to excite CO2’s lowest excited vibrational mode quantum state CO2{v21(1)} during collision.

        The climastrologists only told people half the story (thermalization by CO2 via vibrational mode to translation mode (v-t) collisional energy transfer processes. They didn’t tell anyone about the inverse… translational mode to vibrational mode (t-v) collisional energy transfer processes (then that energy being radiatively emitted to space), which is a cooling process. That didn’t fit their doomsaying narrative, so they left it out.

        In other words, the climastrologists only told people about the warming part (thermalization), not the cooling part. In order to hew to the fundamental physical laws, one must consider energy flow both to and from the CO2 molecule.

        • Isn’t that a convoluted way of saying the first law of thermodynamics applies? Also, I am dubious about the application od coherent radiation interactions with radiation that is non-coherent.

    • DD More says:

      UVReff and UVA measurements have indicated a statistically significant increasing linear trend between 1989 and 2008 in the UK with a mean rate of 0.23 kJ/m 2 eff./year (95% CI: 0.01-0.45) or 1.68% per year for the UVReff

      Sounds really, really scary. Until you put a little engineering to it.
      0.23 kJ/m 2 eff./year (95% CI: 0.01-0.45) or 1.68% per year for the UVReff

      Specific heat (C p ) water (at 15°C/60°F):  4.187 kJ/kgK
      4.187 kJ/kg / 0.23 kJ/m^2/YEAR = 18.20 m2 / YEAR to raise 1 degree C of a kg of water.
      What will we do when ocean boils away?

  7. Ulric Lyons says:

    However the Sun caused the heat in July 1921, it wasn’t the May solar storm.

  8. You will never get an alarmist to be specific, because that renders them vulnerable to refutation. If they had any integrity at all they would do what real scientists do to the offerings of the flat earthers – i.e. go through each point and show why it is wrong. But charlatans have no integrity, so the professor’s response is exactly as predicted by the documentary itself, thus proving the point.

  9. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Given that Dr. Goebbels, PhD, and probably many of his cohorts who are less flamboyant, will be working to deplatform “Climate: The Movie”, where is a safe place where we can permanently link to it? I’m now building an online store, where I will sell tee shirts that “challenge” the narrative. I figure every person who wears one of these shirts is a walking billboard of information that is undeplatformable. I would like to link “Climate” to my store as a source of information that will help those who buy the shirt to argue with anyone that challenges them.
    Today I saw a post at The Daily Wire, where the poster said, “I watched ‘Climate’ and it was a real eye-opener. So it is getting out to people.

    • Disillusioned says:

      I am proud to hear you are going ahead with your plans. After my big disillusionment, I picked up a t-shirt in 2009 or ’10 which says, “I LOVE CO2”. I think you should offer one like that also. (I also think you should have a t-shirt that says “Carnivore” or “Meat Eater”.) 🙂

      Tangent ahead – in ’09-’10 I was still at the stage I didn’t want to lose friends and although I bought the t-shirt I was literally afraid to wear it in public. So sad. Today is different – I have nothing to do with those ‘friends’ anymore and I don’t care to waste another second of my precious time debating delusional MSNBC-watching liberals with closed minds. 1.5 decades into this, I literally look down on them with pity and have no desire whatsoever for their approval. But I digress….

      Concerning the wonderful movie, many Rumble members have loaded “Climate the Movie” there:

      Many BitChute members have loaded it there also:

      You could get a rumble or bitchute account and load it there, then provide a link on your web page.

      • Conrad Ziefle says:

        I am a happy Rumble account holder. It’s good to know that there is a safe place for truth.

        • arn says:

          Always link directly to Tonys 1970s global cooling scare compilations / archives that can be found in the black banner.

          It’s the easiest way to wake people up.

          And think about a Surviver T Shirt :
          I survived

          the ice age of the 70ies,
          Peak oil of the 90ies
          The global famines of the 80ies

          and 30 other world end predictions of the last 50 years,without even realising,
          because I did not listen to experts.

          That’s how I will survive global warming.

          Or a simple :

          Make Co2 Great again.

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